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How to curve your shot in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Get past any annoying holes with an easy curved shot.
How to curve your shot in Mario Golf: Super Rush
One of the toughest parts of any golf game, whether it be arcade or simulator, is getting past trees, sandpits or other hazards that a hole might contain. With Mario Golf: Super Rush, the story is the same, as there are some tough holes that can give players real trouble. Most notably, getting shots around trees is a thorn in the side of some more inexperienced golfers. 

However, there’s an easy fix for getting around the trees or any other hazard. Like in previous Mario Golf titles, players can curve their shot in Super Rush and land the ball safely around a tree onto the green. Although, the instructions on how to curve the shot aren’t exactly clear in the game, so we’re here to help speed the process along. 

Curving shots in Mario Golf: Super Rush

The first thing you need to do is get set up for a swing. Once you are, fill your power meter first with the desired power you want to hit the ball with. This will, of course, vary where you are on the course. 

Mario Super Curve shotMario teeing off in Super Rush. (Picture: Nintendo)

Next, you will fill up your accuracy meter. However, while you’re doing this, you need to push the left joystick in the direction that you want to curve the ball. Also, you can push the joystick up or down if you want the ball to have a higher or lower height. 

Once your swing is nearing completion, arrows will appear on screen that tells you where your shot will curve when the ball is hit. If you have more arrows on screen, then your curve will be more powerful. If you don’t have many arrows, then your curve will only be slight. It’s up to you how much curve you want on the ball depending on what hazards lay in front of you. 

To affect this system more, you can choose a character that has a high spin rate. If their spin rate is higher, their curve will be more effective and allow you more freedom when determining where the ball lands. Also, you can unlock clubs that affect the spin as well.