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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - How to beat Malzeno and cure Bloodblight

Learn how to deal with Bloodblight and defeat Malzeno in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak with this detailed guide.
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - How to beat Malzeno and cure Bloodblight

Malzeno has been shown off as the latest flagship monster for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak for some time, but with the recent release of a demo, everyone can jump into the Bloodlight to take on the beast. An entirely new element and some unique attacks make this monster a new experience.

While that may be exciting, and great monster design always is, the best is still a challenge. For those who decide to take on Malzeno in the demo, that challenge will be even more difficult, and there's a reason it's considered advanced level. Fainting is nearly guaranteed and there are only 15 minutes to take down the monster.

How to deal with Bloodblight against Malzeno in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Malzeno brings Bloodblight into Monster Hunter. (Picture: Capcom)

Before you can take down Malzeno in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, it's important to know exactly what Bloodblight is. Most of the new fight is going to revolve around the element, and it has some unique attributes that turn the fight into a much more aggressive dance containing high risk and high reward.

At a base level, Bloodblight is a status effect that will change the way that you can heal within Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. When you are Bloodblighted, you'll be able to see a red droplet symbol above your health bar, and your character will also have visual changes from the crimson attacks.

This status will completely dampen all of your traditional healing. Normal regeneration will be severely halted and using nearly all of your healing items will give reduced results. They can still provide some relief, but not enough in some cases to save your life. So far, there haven't been any solutions to remove the status effect either.

The answer to Bloodblight is to hit Malzeno back. Sure, you will have dampened healing in every traditional sense, but you also get life-steal in return. Each attack that you land on Malzeno will give you health back as long as the effect is active. How much health is given is directly correlated to the damage number itself.

Defeating Malzeno in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Malzeno fight
The transformation of Malzeno is far more dangerous. (Picture: YouTube / RageGamingVideos)

Now that you have Bloodblight covered, you can deal with Malzeno more efficiently, but it still won't be easy. This vampiric monster has three different modes of attack that can progressively get more dangerous.

Form number one is the base version of the monster that is mainly silver in color and will have the most basic attacks. In this phase, Malzeni will attempt to build up Bloodblight on both itself and you. Each blight attack is easily recognizable by the black and bright red effects that they have.

As Malzeno builds up enough Bloodblight, it will change to a blighted form covered in black and red. Aggression levels will be turned way up, mainly in the form of teleports or dashes. Each time that the wings of Malzeno fold on itself, it will dash forward at you within the blink of an eye.

Many of the dashes will be followed up by a slam when the monster stays in the air, or it will go directly into a tail flip with more blight. These tail flips will have two different slams when in the Bloodblighted mode. Like any monster, Malzeno can also become enraged, and allow it to have a third more dangerous version entirely.

When fighting at any point, be on the lookout for bright red glowing spots on the beast. Targeting these are your best bet for confirmed damage and broken parts. Attacking directly after long animation recoveries is also usually fairly safe. But this fight won't be easy, and it will likely take more than a few tries in the demo.

We'd like to thank RageGamingVideos on YouTube for the Malzeno information. If you found the guide useful, you might consider subscribing to their channel for more awesome Monster Hunter content.

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Featured image courtesy of Capcom.