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How to mute voice chat in Destruction AllStars

Destruction AllStars comes with a weird wrinkle when it comes to online voice chat, so here’s how you can mute others bellowing through your controller.
Destruction AllStars boasts thrilling car combat and a vibrant aesthetic, but all that can be undermined by its bizarre approach to online voice chat. 

Developed by Lucid Games, Destruction AllStars marks Sony’s second PS5 exclusive, which is available for free to PS Plus subscribers until 5th April.

Despite its promising aspects, there are odd design choices when it comes to voice chat. So here’s how to salvage the optimum multiplayer experience in Destruction AllStars by muting everyone else in the world. 


How to mute voice chat in Destruction AllStars

Bizarrely, you can’t actually mute voice chat within Destruction AllStars itself. Instead ahead of every match, you have to manually turn off the feature through the PS5 user interface.

When faced with the character select screen after choosing a game mode, hit the PlayStation button to bring up the activity cards. At the cards, you should be able to press square to turn off voice chat.

The main issue is you need to do this before every match. It’s a bizarre oversight, although with planned updates for the title, let’s hope an alternative will be in place soon.

If you want to turn off the microphone on your PS5 controller so you’re not broadcasting background noise to the world, push the rectangle-shaped button below the PlayStation button - and it should glow orange to signify it’s off.

Destruction AllStars is available on PlayStation 5 for free exclusively for PS Plus subscribers until 5th April.