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How to play as Captain America and Thor in Marvel’s Avengers beta

Marvel’s Avengers aren’t fully assembled in this beta, with some notable faces missing from the roster.
How to play as Captain America and Thor in Marvel’s Avengers beta

Today marks the second beta for Marvel’s Avengers, and the last online test prior to the open beta next week. Players that have a beta code are eagerly jumping online to experience some superhero action, but one thing that’s got Marvel fans disappointed is the lack of variety in character choice.

Yes, players can choose from Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, and Ms Marvel to complete in-game missions, but what happened to the rest of the team?

As it turns out, leader of the Avengers, Captain America as well as God of Thunder, Thor, are both playable in the game’s beta, but to a massively-limited extent. 

Captain America Avengers
Captain America is available in a limited capacity (Picture: Crystal Dynamics) 

Upon the first launch of the Marvel’s Avengers beta, players will be able to play four Hero missions, which contain the title’s main story content. In the first of these missions, Avengers fans will be witnessing the heavily-marketed events of A-Day alongside a full team of heroes.

In this mission, both Captain America and Thor will be playable, so you won’t have to wait until the game’s launch to see how both characters feel.

However, according to participants in the previous beta experience, this first mission is only playable once, giving gamers a limited time to play as their favourite heroes. Allegedly, uninstalling the game and reinstalling it again will allow you to replay the experience, but this is still hugely disappointing news.

This restriction likely comes due to publishers Square Enix wanting players to experience a fresh pair of heroes when the game launches. Being that both Cap and Thor would be two of the more popular Avengers, it makes sense to hold them back for now. 

Thor Avengers
Thor in the Avengers (Picture: Crystal Dynamics) 

Alternatively, it could be that the duo simply aren’t in a ready state just yet, something that would be a little more concerning, seeing as the game is set to release next month.

Marvel’s Avengers beta begins today and lasts until August 17. The game’s release date is set for September 4.