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How To Repair Weapons In Marauders

Finding gear is incredibly important, but you'll need to repair weapons and armor in Marauders to remain in top shape.
How To Repair Weapons In Marauders

Gear and loot is the main gameplay loop of Marauders, and you'll spend hours looking for better equipment, but you'll eventually run into weapons that need repair. It's not just guns that will need repair either. Armor is also under the same umbrella of items in the game that can take damage.

It's easy to tell when a piece of equipment has taken some durability damage in Marauders, but the game doesn't have an obvious repair button as you might think. In the same vein, there's no workshop you have to find or a repair table for use. Luckily, repairing is still easy if you have the money and are safe.

Marauders - How to Repair Weapons and Gear

Repair in Marauders
Look for weapons with a red bar on them to repair. (Picture: Team17)

Marauders is the same kind of game as Escape From Tarkov, and that means nearly everything you do outside of gameplay is locker management. Anytime you successfully escape, that locker and some vendors are your home base. That locker space and the rotating merchants also happen to be where you can repair weapons and armor.

All you need to do is find some damaged equipment and right-click to open up a menu. There will be a few different options with repair down at the bottom. This option will also display how much it's going to cost you to fully repair the item. Keep in mind that the repair option won't appear if the item is in full condition.

Repairing must always be done in your own inventory, and you won't be able to repair items while you are in a match. You will always need money to make the repair, and the menu system is necessary. That's why it doesn't matter whether you make the repairs in your gear section or the shop section. Both will contain your locker.

Repair Vendor
Repairs can be made at vendor menus as well. (Picture: Team17)

Another key difference to keep in mind is durability against damage. Weapons will take durability losses, and the more you use them, the more they must be prepared. The better the weapon, the more expensive it gets. Armor can be used over and over, but taking damage with it on is what will cause the need for repair.

There is also a crafting feature in the game that allows you to make nearly anything you would need. But you won't find anything related to repair in this menu. Fixing up your gear is a major part of the game, and it's a mechanic that will be repeated nearly every time you play if you can survive.

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Featured image courtesy of Team17.