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How to save in Monster Hunter Rise

Struggling to navigate Monster Hunter’s complex UI? Here’s where you’ll find the save game option.
How to save in Monster Hunter Rise
Monster Hunter Rise goes some way to making the experience even more accessible for newcomers, yet there’s still the complex user interface to deal with.

Monster Hunter has a reputation for its baffling UI and complicated menus, which are often the biggest barrier preventing new players from easily jumping into the experience. 

So if you’re driving yourself nuts trying to find the save options, here’s where to head in Monster Hunter Rise


How to save in Monster Hunter Rise

You save your game from the village (Picture: Capcom) 

From the village, you can press the plus button to bring up the main menu. Navigate across tabs using the R button until you hit System. On that tab, you should see options to save your game.

If you decide to quit your game too, the game will always save your progress before exiting out to the main menu, so don’t feel the need to save and then quit.

The game does autosave frequently too, although it’s important to note you cannot save if you accept a quest. So before you go to take on monsters in the wild, be sure you’ve got the time spare to do so.

Or, you can simply utilise the pause options on the Nintendo Switch itself and come back later. That’s always handy. 

Monster Hunter Rise is available on Nintendo Switch.