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Monster Hunter Rise beginner's guide: Essential tips and tricks to get started

If you're just starting off in Monster Hunter Rise, these beginner's tips will help you survive as a new player.
Monster Hunter Rise beginner's guide: Essential tips and tricks to get started
Monster Hunter Rise is arguably one of, if not the most ambitious title to release on the Nintendo Switch since Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The game is absolutely massive, and while it's the most welcoming Monster Hunter for new players, there's still a steep learning curve in getting to grips with its mechanics. 

So looking to dive into Monster Hunter Rise with no prior experience? Here's a rundown of the essential tips you'll need to get up to speed.


Pick the best Monster Hunter Rise weapon for you

There are a total of 14 weapons in Monster Hunter Rise, each of them with their own, unique attack patterns, Silkbind Attacks and more. They also have their own strengths and weakness.

Our top three weapon picks for beginner's in Monster Hunter Rise are:

  • Dual Blades
  • Longsword
  • Sword & Shield

Dual Blades can dish out a lot of damage while staying highly mobile. The Longsword has great range and a moveset which isn't all too difficult, while the Sword & Shield allows you to use consumables without having to put your weapon away, which is great for newbies out there.

Monster Hunter Rise beginner's guide tips wirebugs endemic live weapons foodThe Dual Blades' Tower Vault is a fantastic mobility Silkbind (Picture: Capcom)

As a bonus beginner's tip, we recommend sticking to the weapon you pick and mastering all its intricacies. You can switch weapons later when you want to experiment, but it's always better to stick with, and upgrade, one particular weapon to find your footing.

Check out our full guide to all 14 Monster Hunter Rise weapons, featuring everything you would possibly want to know, from skills to what the weapons behave in combat.


Preparing for the hunt

A lot of Monster Hunter revolves around preparing for the hunt. In Monster Hunter Rise, the game is fairly generous at the outset, giving out all the potions and stamina boosts you’ll need to take down the early monsters. 

It’s worth getting into a habit however of checking your inventory and item box as you progress, before the major hunts. You’ll likely have built up a stash of materials following the early quests which can be used to craft traps and other goods to set you up for the bigger challenges ahead. 

The key to taking down any of the most challenging monsters is a mix of preparation and skill, so it's important to ensure you're stocked up for whatever Monster Hunter Rise throws at you. 


Master the Wirebugs

The major new mechanic in Monster Hunter Rise is the Wirebugs, which are essentially giant insects which allow you to traverse the environment like never before. You can zip upwards to reach higher platforms, use it repeatedly to wall run, and even utilise it as a dodge mechanic. 

Monster Hunter Rise beginner's guide tips wirebugs endemic live weapons foodWirebugs have changed Monster Hunter forever (Picture: Capcom)

It’s incredibly useful and one of the main ways the combat in Monster Hunter Rise feels far more dynamic. You can zip over enemies for downward slices, or trap enemies in attacks too. 

You’ll essentially want to become very familiar and experiment with this system, as it’ll improve, not only your overall enjoyment of Rise, but your skill as a hunter. 


Don't ignore Endemic Life

Unlike other Monster Hunter games, there are upgrades scattered around the different biomes like power-ups, which can boost your defense, stamina and attack stats.

After a few hunts, you’ll begin to remember where certain power-ups are placed and it’s always useful to gather as many as possible before you take on more challenging monsters. Some of the endemic life will also trigger certain status effects on the nearby area, so it’s important to be wary of your surroundings in battles too.


Talk to the village folk for freebies

The village in Monster Hunter Rise (Picture: Capcom) 

The village is essentially the hub area for Monster Hunter Rise, where you can take on quests, upgrade weapons and also chat to numerous characters knocking around. 

At the beginning of the game, you’ll be given a wealth of freebies if you simply chat to a lot of the residents, including Senior Hunter Hanenaga (found near the small bridge) who will give you Great Wirebugs which can be planted to shoot yourself to high places around the world. 

Your first visit to the Blacksmith will also net you some free materials to upgrade weapons, so make sure to keep checking-in with characters for additional items.


Prioritise the Village quests

At the beginning, you’ll want to mainly beeline through the village quests to level up your companions and upgrade your weapons. It’s also the best way to get a handle of the basics, with training quests for capturing monsters and side activities to farm materials also at hand. 

You can, of course, jump in with your friends too — but don’t be too surprised if you’re all wondering what the hell’s going on without some grasp of the basics. 


Ride your Palamute

Traversal is typically the worst part about any Monster Hunter game. It’s often slow, tiresome, and when you’re repeating quests, it’s often the biggest mental hurdle to overcome. 

Thankfully, Monster Hunter Rise has introduced adorable Palamutes. This dog-like creature is your noble steed from the very beginning, and is the game’s way of making navigating its world just that little bit less irritating. 

Thank heavens for Palamutes (Picture: Capcom) 

You can even ride him up climbable walls in goofy fashion, so make sure to keep riding your Palamute to track down monsters fast, and cover the environment far quicker than ever before. You’ll save a lot of time.


And lastly, don't give up!

Never give up on the hunt.

Monster Hunter Rise can be a daunting experience, and monsters, later in the game, will crush you relatively easily without the appropriate gear or preparation. 

The game is a marathon, not a sprint, so one of the best tips we can give beginner's in Monster Hunter Rise is to never give up. There's always a way to defeat a monster, and there's always more you can do to get the upper hand.

The game will give you all the tools to succeed, from using Wirebugs properly, to ways to attain gear upgrades. If all else fails, join other players and gang up on that monster!

The higher your Hunter Rank becomes, the more difficult the experience. However, the rewards are also greater, and your skill improves, which creates an interesting, especially fulfilling experience.