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How To Unlock The Wingsuit In Saints Row 2022

A great way to sneak up on your enemies from the sky is using the Wingsuit. Learn how to unlock this item in Saints Row Reboot 2022.
How To Unlock The Wingsuit In Saints Row 2022

The Saints Row 2022 reboot by Deep Silver has veteran fans of the game excited to explore all the new features and revisit the classic missions on offer. Using the Wingsuit in Saints Row 2022 is a great gadget that can easily get you from point A to B quickly and quietly, making this a must-have for sneaking up on your enemies. In this guide, we’ll cover how to unlock the Wingsuit in Saints Row 2022, including how you can use this item.   

Saints Row 2022 - How to unlock the Wingsuit

wingsuit location saints row reboot 2022
Smelterville East is the location where you can unlock the Wingsuit in Saints Row 2022. (Picture: YouTube / BaileyPoints)

First, make your way to Smelterville East; then, navigate to the Wingsuit Saboteur Side Hustle. Here, you will meet a former business associate who will task you with some side hustles that focus on using the Wingsuit in Saints Row 2022.

We should note that the Wingsuit can only be obtained once you have completed the first part of the game; you can purchase new upgrades for your Wingsuit as you progress further.

Once you have completed the Wingsuit Saboteur Side Hustle, the item will automatically be added to your inventory. When steering your Wingsuit, use the L button to adjust your approach and the L2 button to reduce your speed and land.

how to get the wingsuit in saints row 2022
Launch yourself off high buildings to use your Wingsuit in Saints Row Reboot 2022. (Picture: YouTube / BaileyPoints)

You will then receive a tutorial that shows you have to use this Wingsuit. This item can only be used when jumping off high locations—for example, jumping off the side of a helicopter or a tall building.

You can also use a Weather Station to catapult yourself into the air; interact with the structure, and it will send you flying. And that concludes our guide on how to unlock the Wingsuit in Saints Row 2022. 

We want to thank YouTuber BaileyPoints for their guide “Saints Row - How to get the Wingsuit!”. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content. Also, consider watching the video above if you want a visual walkthrough. 

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Featured image courtesy of Deep Silver.