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Marauders Closed Alpha - Start date, time, how to join and more

Marauders is an upcoming tactical shooter game set in a sci-fi world and Team17 will be organizing its alpha test soon. Here's how to enter it.
Marauders Closed Alpha - Start date, time, how to join and more

Marauders, the upcoming first-person space-based shooter game, will soon be getting a closed PC alpha test. In the game, the players will take charge as a space pirate where they can work solo or in a squad of up to 3 to navigate a hostile battleground, hunt for loot, craft new weapons, and what else needs to survive till the end. 

If it sounds intriguing, Marauders is now available for pre-order, and one can also get 10% off on the purchase. Since the closed alpha of Marauders is quickly approaching, players may wonder how to lay down their hands on the game early. With that being said, here’s everything to know about Marauders closed alpha, including its start date and the features it will bring.

Marauders Closed Alpha: Start date

Fight real players and AI to survive in the sci-fi world.
Fight real players and AI to survive in the sci-fi world. (Picture: Team17)

Team17 and Small Impact Games have today announced that they will be holding a closed PC alpha test for Marauders from 4th to 9th May. During this time frame, players can test a variety of the game’s key features, such as the Immersive sci-fi setting, tense first-person PvPvE combat, upgradeable spaceships, and explosive sci-fi dogfights. 

Each game will include up to 15 players, and the goal will be to enter the hostile spaceships full of valuable cargo and weapons and equip them to battle against other players and AI opponents before escaping. You can have a look at Marauders official trailer below:

Marauders: How to join closed alpha and features

Marauders is available to pre-order from Steam.
Marauders is available to pre-order from Steam. (Picture: Marauders)

The game is set in the alternative 1990s when Earth has been industrialized to its collapsing point, and thus, many have fled to other stars. You will have to take the role of the Marauders and take your ships from hostile galactic reaches to survive by any means necessary.  

You can either play alone or gear up with three friends and will be able to upgrade your equipment on the fly while looking for loot from raids and killing others. 

You will also be able to upgrade your ships and tweak your favorite weapons with mods while using XP to unlock new items and increase your chances of survival. In order to get early access, all you have to do is pre-order the game from Steam, and in addition to this, the game preview will also be available in the PC Game Pass later this year. 

For more on the game, please make sure to check our section dedicated to Video Games guides, news, tips, and more.

Featured image via Small Impact Guides.