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Mass Effect Legendary Edition FPS drops: Fix for low frame rate issues

Players are reporting problems with Mass Effect Legendary Edition FPS drops and low frame rate. Here is a possible solution for frame rate issues in Mass Effect.
Mass Effect Legendary Edition is finally here and armies of fans can't hide their excitement because they will once again experience the story of this epic trilogy.

First reactions to the remaster are generally great and both fan and journalists are absolutely enjoying the game, as it seems that BioWare did a really great job to improve and modernize the game without losing the essence of the trilogy, by keeping everything that made it such a cult classic.

Still, as is often the case with many new releases, there are some issues with the game at launch, which will, hopefully, be fixed in the upcoming days with a patch, but until then, you might want to try some alternative solutions.

A number of players are reporting Mass Effect Legendary Edition crashing issues, while others, who are playing the trilogy on PC, are reporting very low FPS despite having strong PCs.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition low FPS drops issue: How to fix the low frame rate

Mass Effect Legendary Edition low FPS drops issue: How to fix the low frame rate
(Picture: EA)

Players have been reporting problems with FPS drops, particularly in Mass Effect 1.

It seems that some players are experiencing lagging and stuttering, both in the menu and when playing the game.

Players say that even if the game works fine in some areas, in others they experience huge FPS drops and sudden slowdowns for no particular reason.

If you are having issues with a low framerate, you should try these solutions as a possible fix for low FPS in Mass Effect Legendary Edition:

  • Turn of Vsync, because it can cause instability and sudden framerate drops.
  • Origin overlay is known to have a very serious negative effect on performance in the Mass Effect trilogy. Try launching Origin and disabling its overlay.
  • Turn off dynamic shadows in the game's settings.

These 3 options are currently the only known possible solutions for low frame rate in Mass Effect Legendary Edition and FPS drops.

Some players are reporting that doing one of these options helped them to have high FPS, while others say that they still have issues with the framerate.

We advise you to try all three of these and see if they will help you or not.

Unfortunately, there's currently no solution that works 100% of the time, and for that, we will need to wait for a fix from BioWare.