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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Pre-Service History: Spacer, Earthborn, or Colonist, what to choose?

When creating a character in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, you will be offered to choose between Spacer, Earthborn, or Colonist Pre-Service History, and here we explain each of these choices.
Mass Effect Legendary Edition Pre-Service History: Spacer, Earthborn, or Colonist, what to choose?
Mass Effect Legendary Edition is finally here and as with most of the RPG games, one of the first things you will do is to create your character.

You will always be Lieutenant Commander Shepard, and that's a fact you can't change, but you can change a lot of other things, including your gender, appearance, origin story, and much more.

Of course, you will also be able to choose your class, and for that, we have a perfect guide that will help you understand what's the best beginner classes for Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

One other thing you will also be able to choose is your origin story, which is called Pre-Service History in the game.

Choosing a Pre-Service History looks like an easy thing to do at first glance, but the more you look at it, the more you are probably not sure what exactly will be a perfect choice here. 

What's the best Pre-Service History in Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

Mass Effect Pre-Service History Spacer, Earthborn, or Colonist
(Picture: EA)

When you start creating your character in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, one of the first things you will be offered is to choose your pre-service history.

It essentially means to choose your background story in the world of the Mass Effect universe.

The game will offer you three choices, so let's take a look at them.

  • Spacer: Both of your parents were in the Alliance military. Your childhood was spent on ships and stations as they transferred from posting to posting, never staying in one location for more than a few years. Following in your parents' footsteps, you enlisted at the age of eighteen.
  • Earthborn: You were an orphan raised on the streets of the great megatropolises covering Earth. You escaped the life of petty crime and underworld gangs by enlisting with the Alliance military when you turned eighteen.
  • Colonist: You were born and raised on Mindoir, a small border colony in the Attican Traverse. When you were sixteen slavers raided Mindoir, slaughtering your family and friends. You were saved by a passing Alliance patrol, and you enlisted with the military a few years later.

In terms of the story, some NPCs in the game will talk about your character in different ways depending on which Pre-Service History you've chosen and they will have some unique interactions with you depending on your background story.

These are minor but interesting details, but each of these has its own value, so you won't regret it no matter which one you choose.

Additionally, each of these three choices will have a unique set of assignments (side missions in Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2) that will only be available to Spacer, Earthborn, or Colonist.

Again, all of these side missions are interesting and intriguing, and in our opinion well worth playing, so there is no a "correct choice" here, choose whichever look more interesting to you, and you can even play all three of them in different playthroughs, if you have time, of course.

Finally, Pre-Service History determines how many bonus Paragon and Renegade points will you have at the start of the game, but that works in the combination with a Psychological Profile. These are all minor differences, and they don't have a huge effect on the overall gameplay, so that shouldn't bother you that much.

Our advice is quite simple, choose the Pre-Service History which you would like to roleplay the most and enjoy, they are all great!