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Microsoft Flight Simulator: Reno Air Races Expansion Pack: Release date, new planes, more

Microsoft Flight Simulator is getting a brand-new expansion pack, the Reno Air Races: Expansion Pack. Here's everything you need to know, including the release date and full library of new planes.
Earlier this year, at Gamescom, Microsoft announced that Reno Air Races, the world's fastest motorsport, would be released for Microsoft Flight Simulator as a paid expansion.

Naturally, fans were excited to receive a new library of the world's most famous racing aircraft but also a live air racing feature to the game. Here's everything that we know about the new expansion.

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Reno Air Races Expansion Pack Release date

The Reno Air Races Expansion Pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be available via the in-game marketplace from 18th November for USD 19.99.

In case you missed the launch trailer, you can check it out below.

Microsoft also announced that the Microsoft Flight Simulator: Game of the Year Edition update would also be available for free to all players who already own the game.

The update will include the VoloCity eVTOL helicopter, the Pilatus PC-6 Porter, the CubCrafters NX Cub, and the Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet.

All new planes in Microsoft Flight Simulator: Reno Air Races Expansion Pack

Reno Air Races: Expansion Pack is an entry package that plane enthusiasts will undoubtedly adore, featuring a total of four new highly detailed starter aircraft.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Reno Air Racer Expansion release date
Microsoft Flight Simulator Reno Air Racer Expansion releases on 18th November. (Picture: Microsoft)
  • North American T-6 Texan
  • North American P-51 Mustang
  • Aero L-39 Albatros
  • Aviat Pitts Special S1S

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Reno Air Races Full Collection

If you're looking to take your Reno air racing experience to new heights, then you may also fancy The Reno Air Races: Full Collection. This expansion product offers 40 officially licensed aircrafts available via the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace for USD 59.99.

microsoft flight simulator reno air races expansion full plane collection
Full plane collection in Reno Air Races: Expansion Pack. (Picture: Microsoft)

The collection includes the following planes:

  • 10 North American P-51 Mustangs
  • 10 North American T-6 Texans
  • 10 Aero L-39 Albatros'
  • 10 Aviat Pitts Special S1S.

Among these planes include famed "Gold" champions like the Miss America, Strega, Voodoo, Baron's Revenge, Radial Velocity, Six-Cat, American Spirit, and Pipsqueak, and many of the other top racers.

You can learn more about each plane by reading this blog post on the Microsoft Flight Simulator website.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Reno Air Racer Expansion all planes full collection
The Reno Air Racer Expansion features several authentic recreations of the most famous racing aircraft. (Picture: Microsoft)

To enjoy the Reno Air Races Expansion Pack, you must have already purchased Microsoft Flight Simulator, which is available on Xbox Series X|S with the Xbox Game Pass, Windows 10 with the Xbox Game Pass for PC, and Steam.


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Featured image courtesy of Microsoft.