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Nintendo Switch Sports - All sports and player limits

The next generation of Nintendo Sports is bringing everyone back together, check out all the Nintendo Switch Sports and player limits here.
Nintendo Switch Sports - All sports and player limits

After years of waiting, fans of the Nintendo Sports franchise will soon be able to get stuck into a new title with a better-than-ever gameplay experience. Originating with Wii Sports back in November of 2006, Nintendo Sports is set to step into the new generation of gaming with Nintendo Switch Sports set to bring players together once again.

The new era of Nintendo Sports brings various games to the table for gamers to enjoy, so there really is something for every type of player. Follow along as we outline all sports and player limits for Nintendo Switch Sports.

All sports - Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports all games player limits
Nintendo Switch Sports will see the return of some classic games. (Picture: Nintendo)

The major Nintendo Switch Sports drop is set to release with a number of options for players to choose from. Upon the initial release date, Nintendo Switch Sports will feature six different sports for players to select from.

An additional sport will release at a later date, currently slated to arrive in a major patch in the Fall of 2022. To begin, the Nintendo Switch Sports offered are:

  • Bowling
  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Chambara
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer

Golf is set to arrive later in the Fall after the game initially releases in April 2022. It's important to note that Golf will be rolled out with an initial testing period giving both players and the developers a chance to trial.

Player limits - Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports Golf update
Golf will arrive in the Fall of 2022 via a major patch update. (Picture: Nintendo)

Nintendo Switch Sports will feature both local and online Multiplayer options with different limits for each mode. As stated on the Nintendo Switch Sports website, local Multiplayer can feature between 1-4 players, while online Multiplayer only allows for 1-2 players.

At the time of writing, Nintendo is yet to specify the particular number of players per sport, but we can make some educated guesses based on the previous titles.


Bowling should feature up to four players in local settings with each gamer taking a turn at a time. Online Nintendo Switch Sports Bowling will only feature 1-2 players.


Similar to Nintendo Wii Sports, Tennis should feature singles and doubles matches, meaning up to four players in local settings. The online Nintendo Switch Sports Tennis will only allow for one or two players.


Badminton is very similar to Tennis and should feature the same options of both singles and doubles matches for local Multiplayer. Online Badminton will allow for either one or two players.


Chambara is a dueling game similar to Fencing, and will likely only allow for one player vs. the computer or one vs. one head-to-head local Multiplayer. Online Multiplayer will likely only allow for one player against an online opponent.


Volleyball matches typically feature six players per team, as such, Nintendo Switch Sports volleyball should allow up to four players at once. There is potential that four players will be able to compete against each other as well as play on the same team. Online Volleyball Multiplayer will only allow for one or two players.


Professional Soccer matches consist of 11-a-side teams on a massive pitch, and now the world's favourite game will be available on Nintendo Switch Sports. Expect up to four players to be able to compete at once in a local Multiplayer setting, with the potential of teaming up as well as two vs. two action. Online Multiplayer will allow one or two players to compete at once.

That just about covers everything you'll need to know for all the sports and player limits in Nintendo Switch Sports. We'll continue to monitor the situation as the news develops and will be sure to update you throughout.


Featured image courtesy of Nintendo.