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How to Get Twitch Drops for No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky's Outlaws update included new rewards for players to earn through Twitch Drops-enabled livestreams. Here's how to get them.
How to Get Twitch Drops for No Man's Sky

With the recent release of the Outlaws update in No Man's Sky, some new rewards have been added to the Twitch Drop pool for the space survival game. There are a plethora of Twitch Drops that can be earned, and the rotation will be changing rapidly over the next week at least.
But for those who haven't used Twitch Drops before, whether for No Man's Sky or any other games, earning the Twitch Drop rewards can get confusing. All players need to watch enough of a Twitch Drop-enabled livestream to qualify, but first, a few steps must be followed.

No Man's Sky – How to claim Twitch Drops

When attempting to earn Twitch Drops for No Man's Sky, the first step is to link the correct accounts. Depending on which platform you're playing on, PC (Steam) or PlayStation, this should be linked to your Twitch account.

no mans sky drop pipe
Bubble Pipes can be earned at 30 minutes on Day 5. (Picture: Hello Games)

This can be located within the Twitch Setting menu from your account. When you reach the Settings menu on Twitch, you can connect to nearly any gaming platform available.

To save time and avoid repeating the process, link your preferred platform to your Twitch account. With the account connected, you have completed the first step before linking your Twitch account to the game itself.

Next, log into your Twitch account and the No Man's Sky website, respectively, where you can connect your Twitch account to the site. You will be asked if you authorise the connection, and if you do, then the game will be together with your Twitch account.

Once you've linked your Twitch account, you're ready to go, and your claims will go right to your game or Twitch inventory when they are earned. Not just any stream can be used to acquire the drops, as certain streamers or livestreams must have the Twitch Drops enabled.

no mans sky twitch drops ship
Ships are some of the best Twitch Drop rewards. (Picture: Hello Games)

If they're enabled, you can begin watching their livestream, for which the time watched will begin to accrue rewards for your account. Some games will have fixed Drop rewards, but in line with the Outlaws update, there is a round of different drops for the Easter weekend.
There are rewards earned at 15 minutes, 30 minutes, one hour, two hours, and three hours. Lower rewards range from resources to new pets, which should be claimed within 24 hours, while ships will always be the final reward at the three-hour mark and rotate every 24 hours. 

That's everything players need to know about the No Man's Sky Twitch Drops. Good luck earning those rewards, and be sure to check out our dedicated Video Games section for the latest news, updates and more.

Featured image courtesy of Hello Games.