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Oscar Isaac set to play Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid movie

Oscar Isaac looks to have been cast as Solid Snake in an upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie, in development at Sony Pictures.
Oscar Isaac set to play Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid movie
Just when the Metal Gear Solid movie adaptation appeared dead in the water, it seems momentum behind the production is now back on track. 

According to Deadline, Oscar Isaac is now attached to play Solid Snake in the upcoming adaptation, directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts who helmed Kong: Skull Island. 

Oscar Isaac is most recently known for playing Poe Dameron in the Star Wars franchise, but also stars in Ex Machina and Inside Llewyn Davis. 

Oscar Isaac in Star Wars (Picture: Disney)

It’s still unknown when the movie will go into production, made complicated by COVID-19, although it’s claimed Oscar Isaac’s involvement has made it “a high priority for the studio”.

Considering how cinematic Metal Gear Solid games are, it feels like a natural fit for a movie adaptation - although let’s hope it doesn’t lose Hideo Kojima’s bonkers charm in the process. 

This is one of many video game adaptations in the works, with Tom Holland set to play Nathan Drake in an Uncharted movie, while a new Tomb Raider film, Detective Pikachu 2 and Resident Evil TV series are also in the works. 

If that wasn't enough, there's also Henry Cavill's return as The Witcher also set to arrive in 2021.