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Pokimane makes hilarious Among Us error by killing player in plain sight

Pokimane made a critical error as an imposter on Among Us after she killed a crewmate who was stacked on top of another.
Pokimane makes hilarious Among Us error by killing player in plain sight

Iman “Pokimane” Anys has been playing a fair amount of Among Us on her stream lately, and like everyone else, she’s had her fair share of highlights and big-brain plays. But it’s not always easy being an imposter.

In her latest stream, Pokimane made a huge mistake when she killed a crewmate right in-front of a “hidden” witness.

Pokimane among us
(Picture: Pokimane)

Pokimane waltzed into the security room on The Skeld to kill a pesky crewmate monitoring the cameras. But she failed to realize there were two of them standing on top of eachother, which should have been obvious given that their names overlapped and a different coloured “pet” could be seen.

She intended to kill the yellow crewmate, thinking he was the only one there, but ended up killing the cyan crewmate standing behind him. To make matters worse, she didn’t even realise what happened because she was too busy making a grand escape. But unfortunately for her, the yellow cremate immediately reported the body.

“Pokimane!” yelled Tubbo, the yellow crewmate, who was seemingly lost for words and trying not to laugh. 

Pokimane’s eyes darted around in panic as she made an effort to respond and play it down. “What?” she said, amidst all the chater,

“She just stabbed Scott on top of me!” yelled Tubbo. 

It was only then that Pokimane realised what had happened, and her jaw dropped to the ground. “Oh my god there were two people there?” she yelled to her viewers. She quickly tried to play it down with a bit of help from the other imposter, and instead tried to pin it on the witness, as most imposters tend to do.

Pokimane Among us mistake
The moment Pokimane realised what happened. (Picture: Pokimane)

“There were two people there? I thought it was just one on cam!” she said again to her viewers, who were losing their minds spamming “LULW” and “OMEGALUL” in chat. 

It’s not the first time Pokimane has made a mistake on stream. It also wasn’t her best moment, and hardly compares to when she hit a new personal best on Valorant.

But it was entertaining and hilarious, and although she might be a little embarrassed, it’s great to see her streaming regularly again after taking an extended break.