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Dead by Daylight Project W Chapter Review: Is Wesker Worth It?

Dead by Daylight's Project W chapter introduced Wesker, Ada Wong, and Rebecca Chambers into the game.
Dead by Daylight Project W Chapter Review: Is Wesker Worth It?
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight's Project W chapter introduced several new Resident Evil characters into the Fog, including Albert Wesker as The Mastermind and survivors Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers. When the characters were introduced to the game, player counts reached new heights, suggesting that tons of new players joined the game just to try out this new crossover - but is it still worth buying in 2024? Here's our thoughts on the Project W Resident Evil chapter.

Dead by Daylight Project W Chapter Review

dead by daylight project w
Dead by Daylight's Project W introduced Albert Wesker, The Mastermind. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Project W features Albert Wesker, also known as The Mastermind, as its killer, following the introduction of Nemesis as the game's first Resident Evil killer. In the Resident Evil games, Wesker is known for his quick movement speed, snappy movements, and great strength. These powers are reflected in his ability, which allows him to "Virulent Bound" toward survivors, throwing them into walls and infecting them with Uroboros. Wesker can even throw one survivor into another to injure them both. When a survivor is fully infected with Uroboros, it'll only take one more hit with your Virulent Bound to take them down.

Wesker's Virulent Bound offers him great mobility without making his power too complicated, making him an excellent killer for beginners and veterans alike. He's not hard to learn, but he has a high skill ceiling that will reward dedicated and skilled players.

Project W doesn't just come with one new survivor, but two. Rebecca Chambers and Ada Wong are Resident Evil fan favorites, and they are great additions to Dead by Daylight's Fog. Rebecca Chambers, much like in her source, is a resourceful healer and helpful teammate thanks to her perks that let her prevent survivors from reaching the second hook state and give healed survivors buffs. Ada can tamper with gadgetry, also just like her role in Resident Evil; she's able to Wiretap generators, revealing the killers' aura when they're nearby.

All three characters in Project W have some excellent and quite versatile perks - and Wesker has a "killer" power, no pun intended - making this one of Dead by Daylight's most well-rounded chapters yet.

Dead by Daylight Project W Chapter Review Verdict

Dead by Daylight's Project W chapter is a collab done right in just about every way possible. The Mastermind is a powerful, versatile, and fun-to-play killer, accompanied by Rebecca Chambers and Ada Wong, who boast great and fitting perks of their own. Fans of Resident Evil will fall in love with their favourite characters all over again in the Fog.

Review Score: 10/10