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Evil Dead The Game Fear level – How to reduce it to stay alive

Even the groovy Ash Williams gets scared from time to time, but by managing your Fear level can prevent possession and death from occurring.
Evil Dead The Game Fear level – How to reduce it to stay alive

Evil Dead The Game can be a punishing experience for players through its grotesque violence and its funny moments in-game. It’s why learning the gameplay basics and implementing various strategies through trial and error can ensure that you and your teammates remain alive and safe.

There are many ways for Ash Williams and his team of Survivors to defeat the Deadites, one of them is by keeping your Fear levels low. In this groovy guide, we explain what the Fear level is and how to reduce it in Evil Dead The Game.

What is the Fear level in Evil Dead The Game?

Once you and your fellow Survivors are dropped into the match, there are plenty of things to do once the game starts. While you will need to look for any Deadites that will spawn, the Fear level is another thing to watch for.

Every character in Evil Dead The Game has a Fear level, including the multiple versions of Ash Williams, which can increase if you get scared by a Deadite. Possessing a high level will leave you open to attacks, being possessed and worst of all, death.

There are several ways to combat being terrified by the Deadites and keep your Fear level as low as possible. This ensures you remain in the game and keep your teammates together as you successfully defeat all the Deadites to claim a victory.

How to reduce fear levels in Evil Dead The Game?

evil dead the game guide gameplay mechanics fear level how to reduce
There are several ways players can keep their Fear levels low and survive the onslaught of the Deadites. (Picture: Saber Interactive)

Now that you’re aware of the Fear level, how can you ensure that you keep it as low as possible and avoid being attacked, possessed or killed? There are a few things you can do during matches to prevent your Survivor from being overwhelmed by Fear which we have listed below:

Always stick together as a team

One of the most important ways you can prevent yourself and other Survivors from getting scared is by sticking together as a unit. Your teammates will feel safe with other players as your levels increase slowly over time, which keeps your Fear levels low.

evil dead the game guide gameplay mechanics fear level sticking together teammates survivors
Staying close to your fellow Survivors will keep them safe and their Fear levels low. (Picture: Saber Interactive)

The moment the team separates, it becomes easier for the Deadites to pick off your teammates one by one. This allows the Deadites to lure Survivors into their traps, which will leave you open to being scared by them, getting attacked and being possessed by them.

Staying within the light

Light has a significant effect in Evil Dead The Game as it lights up the dark areas, whether it be running around the map, looking for supplies or Necronomicon pages or sharing the loot with your teammates. This can be achieved by lighting campfires which can be found across the map, and resting at one will decrease your Fear.

evil dead the game guide gameplay mechanics fear level campfire light reduce fear
Find a campfire and light them to lower your Fear level but use them when engaged in combat. (Picture: Saber Interactive)

Another great way to best use the light is to keep combat within an area of a lit campfire. This will keep your Fear level from increasing rapidly, thus preventing Deadites from scaring you or possessing your body.

Use Ash Williams to support your team

Evil Dead The Game has plenty of Survivors with unique abilities, skills and weaponry that can be beneficial to your team setup and your survival in-game. The Support class, perhaps, is one of the most important classes as they can provide much-needed support to your team, whether through healing, reviving or reducing Fear levels.

evil dead the game guide gameplay mechanics fear level ash williams the evil dead active skill
The Evil Dead version of Ash Williams has an Active Skill that decreases the Fear levels of Survivors close by. (Picture: Saber Interactive)

This is why character selection is crucial, and having Evil Dead’s Ash Williams on your team can help keep or reduce Fear levels for all teammates. Evil Dead’s Ash Williams has an Active Skill that, once triggered, at a given moment, will decrease the Fear levels of all nearby Survivors as well as yours.

Once you’ve learned to master the basics of the game, keeping yourself and your fellow Survivors safe and not overwhelming your Fear level will determine whether you’ll survive. Essentially, the main lesson when playing Evil Dead The Game is not to be the game's hero under no circumstances.

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Featured image courtesy of Saber Interactive.