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Riders Republic error code Off-Piste 1 fix - Unable to connect to server

Unable to connect to the Riders Republic servers and running into error code Off-Piste 1? Here's how you can fix the issue.
Ubisoft's massive multiplayer extreme-sports title, Riders Republic, was released on 28th October on PC and consoles. With massive 64-player races and a whole lot of events to enjoy either with random players or by playing online with friends, Riders Republic might just be a dream title for many extreme-sports fans. As is a tradition in online gaming, there are bound to be some players who are unable to connect to the server, running into Riders Republic's error code Off-Piste 1. Don't worry, we've got suggestions on how to fix this issue.

How to fix Riders Republic error code Off-Piste 1

The Off-Piste 1 error code in Riders Republic might be a bit confusing when (or if) you first encounter it. It is, therefore, important to note it translates to "the game is unable to connect to the server."

Riders Republic error code Off-Piste 1 how to fix unable to connect to server game
Take it to the extreme with Riders Republic! (Picture: Ubisoft)

Before we continue, please note that these are the official troubleshooting steps suggested by Ubisoft Support. 

With the disclaimer out of the way, the first thing players should attempt is to fully close the game application and launch it again. Ubisoft also suggests checking that your gaming platform of choice is connected to the internet, and try a wired internet connection.

Riders Republic error code Off-Piste 1 how to fix unable to connect to server game
Riders Republic features a massive open world. (Picture: Ubisoft)

If these fixes for the "unable to connect to the server" error does not work, follow the steps below:

If these fixes do not work and you are still encountering the Off-Piste 1 error code in Riders Republic, we suggest you contact Ubisoft Support.

So there you have it, a few ways to fix the Riders Republic Off-Piste 1 error code, which basically means you are unable to connect to the server. 

Keep in mind that the servers could also be a bit unstable in the first week of launch, as is tradition for online titles, so check if Ubisoft provides any update about server downtime if these fixes do not work.


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Featured image courtesy of Ubisoft.