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Riders Republic: What are Republic Bucks and Coins and how to earn them

Riders Republic has two in-game currencies that players can earn through completing events solo or with friends.
Riders Republic: What are Republic Bucks and Coins and how to earn them

Exploring the massive open-world map in Riders Republic, players will come across well-dressed or stylish Riders sporting the latest gear available through the in-game store. As most of these items can be purchased, how to earn Republic Bucks and Coins is something players will need to know about.

Riders Republic features two in-game currencies which, aside from purchasing cosmetic items, can be used for several features or to unlock new sporting activities and events. Here’s what we know about Republic Bucks and Coins as well as how to earn (or buy) them.

What are Republic Bucks and Coins and how to earn them?

Republic Bucks and coins are the game’s main currencies players can earn in-game. These can be redeemed against many in-game items and features such as Fast Travel and cosmetics.

riders republic cosmetic items vehicles races tracks events activities
(Picture: Ubisoft)

According to the Ubisoft Riders Republic support page, Republic Bucks and coins are earned in various ways in-game. Republic Coins can be purchased either through the Ubisoft Store available in five bundles (all prices are in US dollars).

  • Base Pack: 500 Republic Coins for $19.99
  • Bronze Pack: 1,050 Republic Coins for $39.99
  • Silver Pack: 2,300 Republic Coins for $79.99
  • Gold Pack: 4,200 Republic Coins for $139.99
  • Diamond Pack: 6,600 Republic Coins for $199.99

Republic Coins can be used, in a similar fashion to Republic Bucks, to unlock new events and activities, cosmetics and vehicles. There is a Welcome Pack that’s available at launch which includes 2,300 Republic Coins plus a free cosmetic item for $79.99 via the Ubisoft Store.

riders republic shop republic coins purchase ubisoft
There are five Republic Coins packs players can buy from the in-game store or through Ubisoft Store. (Picture: Ubisoft)

Republic Bucks, on the other hand, can be earned through completing in-game activities like races, trick battles or online events like Mass Races. Completing a race or a trick battle for the first time can award players with 1,000 bucks. However, there is another way to boost your Bucks earnings in-game.

Riders Republic: Star ranks

Star ranks will offer more profitable rewards, ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 Bucks based on the Star rank players achieve. Along with earning a certain amount of Stars as well as Bucks, players can also unlock a range of amazing activities and events such as new races, bikes, stunts and more.

However, once players have reached a specific Star rank, they will only receive a payout once before trying for the next rank. This may seem like a less productive option for players, especially if they’re putting in the hours into the game.

Riders Republic: Sponsor Contracts

riders republic sponsor contracts menu three sponsors earn republic bucks
Complete Sponsor Contracts to earn Republic Bucks and more. (Picture: Ubisoft)

Another way to earn Republic Bucks is by taking on Sponsor Contracts. Players will need to achieve a specific Star rank before unlocking a sponsor. Once a sponsor has been unlocked, players will need to access them, which can only be done at the Riders Ridge.

Visit the food truck at Riders Ridge and speak to the food truck owner. Through your interactions with the vendor, a menu will appear which players can choose up to three contracts at a time. Select any available contracts you wish to equip before heading back out.

The objectives of these contracts are straightforward, but there is a catch: you have 24 hours to complete the contract before it resets for the day. Complete one or all three contracts to earn Bucks and any additional rewards.

If you have the money to spend on Republic Coins or there’s a specific or limited cosmetic item that won't be achieved by completing events and activities. Otherwise, players stand a better chance of racing against other players or their friends to earn Bucks and unlock more rewards along the way.


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Featured image courtesy of Ubisoft.