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Rollerdrome - How To Reload Guide

Rollerdrome is a third-person skater-shooter game with a unique way to reload weapons. Here's how it works.
Rollerdrome - How To Reload Guide

Rollerdrome is a fast-paced, brutal skater-shooter game from Roll7, the studio behind the critically acclaimed OlliOlli, and OlliOlliWorld. It's a unique, incredibly challenging game that expects you to be good at both skating and shooting if you want to survive and proceed to the next round of the championship.

Rollerdrome offers a few but widely distinct sets of weapons that you can use while you're roller skating and performing tricks in the arena. These weapons aid you in taking down House Players, the game's numerous enemies that will try to eliminate you in the match arena.

The shooting in Rollerdrome works a little differently from other third-person shooter games, which is why one of the most asked questions regarding it is how to reload your weapons. If you're confused about how it works, fret not. Here's our guide that explains how to reload your weapons in Rollerdrome.

How reloading works in Rollerdrome

rollerdrome reload weapons
There's no dedicated button to reload weapons in Rollerdrome. (Picture: Roll7/GinxEsportsTV)

Unfortunately, there's no defined way to reload your weapons in Rollerdrome. To reload and get more bullets, you will simply have to earn them in the arena.

You can do so by performing stunts and tricks on your Rollerskates. Some tricks will provide you with more ammo, whereas others will get you less.

rollerdrome ammo
You gain ammo by performing tricks in the arena. (Picture: Roll7/GinxEsportsTV)

Grinding is one of the easiest ways to gain ammo quickly in Rollerdrome. It's also a convenient way to escape a horde of enemies though always keep an eye out for laser beams of the sniper rifles. 

Flips and Grabs will also reload your weapons though these are risky maneuvers to pull off, especially in the heat of the battle. We recommend choosing the safest trick from the Tricktionary if you're still learning the basics.

That concludes our guide on how to reload weapons in Rollerdrome. In our Rollerdrome review, we called it " an innovative, upbeat, often sadistic, and utterly satisfying shooter-skater.

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Featured image courtesy of Roll7.