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The Sims 5 "Project Rene" Playtesting Begins On 25 October

Sources suggest that developer Maxis could start playtesting for The Sims 5, codenamed "Project Rene," on 25 October 2022.
The Sims 5 "Project Rene" Playtesting Begins On 25 October

The Sims 5, codenamed "Project Rene," is currently in early development, with the 18 October 2022 "Behind The Sims Summit" Livestream giving fans a "small taste" of what they might expect. Among the many exciting changes, die-hard Sims fans can look forward to including a new objects customization tool, the introduction of apartments, and sharing of in-game creations.

While there is no official release date yet in sight (at least not for a long time), The Sims 5 will soon welcome players to join in its development journey, with playtesting reportedly starting next week. Here's everything we know about The Sims 5 playtesting so far.

The Sims 5 Playtests To Start 25 October 2022

sims 5 playtest start date
The Sims 5 is still in its "very early" stages of development. (Picture: Electronic Arts / Maxis)

This news was first reported by notable leaker Tom Henderson (via Insider Gaming), writing, "[The] Sims 5, currently known as Project Rene, will start playtesting next week, starting October 25th." In addition, Henderson noted that several company insiders "sent emails and [presumably promotional] images" supporting this fact.

Henderson provided a copy of the email, which read that Maxis would be inviting players to "test out a pre-alpha experience for Project Rene" with the hope of receiving community feedback.

"This playtest will focus primarily on our new object customization tool currently called 'Workshop.' This tool is meant to help you customize objects to decorate an apartment. We encourage you to share your creations as well as download what other players have made. And to experience everything this playtest has to offer, remember that you can play with your friends!" the email read.

when does sims5 playtest start
The Sims 5 playtesters can invite up to three friends to register for playtesting. (Picture: Electronic Arts / Maxis)

In addition, The Sims 5 playtesters will be invited to join a private playtest Discord server, where they can collaborate and "find new friends to play with." Otherwise, they can invite up to three friends to sign up for The Sims 5 playtest. To sign up for EA Playtesting, visit the official Electronic Arts website.

In the interim, you can check out the full Behind The Sims Summit Stream Event Livestream to learn more about the new upcoming developments in The Sims games. We will endeavor to update you regarding any further information.

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Featured image courtesy of Electronic Arts / Maxis.