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Splatoon 3 - How To Pre-Order And Get Free Squid Plush Bonus

Nintendo has revealed pre-order bonuses for its most anticipated title yet, Splatoon 3. Here's how you can snag a squid plush for free.
Splatoon 3 - How To Pre-Order And Get Free Squid Plush Bonus

After releasing the critically acclaimed action RPG Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Nintendo is gearing up to release its next big exclusive, Splatoon 3. A sequel to its 2017 predecessor, this next iteration is a bigger and better version of the vibrant ink-battle multiplayer shooter everyone has grown to love and admire. 

The company recently held a 30-minute Nintendo Direct for Splatoon 3, giving fans a detailed breakdown of the game's story, setting, gameplay features, and pre-order bonuses. So if you're looking to pre-order Splatoon 3 ahead of its September launch and are interested in snagging the free squid plush, our guide here will help you with it. 

Splatoon 3 - How To Get Squid Plush Pre-Order Bonus

splatoon 3 squid plush pre-order bonus how to get
You must pre-order Splatoon 3 from Walmart to get the free squid plush. (Picture: Nintendo)

Similar to most major title releases, different retailers offer different exclusive bonuses for pre-ordering Splatoon 3. To get the squid plush for free, you must pre-order Splatoon 3 from Walmart. It is available in five unique colors - Bright Blue, Neon Green, Neon Pink, and Neon Purple.

You can choose the color of your choice for the squid plush before making your purchase via Walmart's website; however, we urge you to hurry since these tend to sell out lightning fast. Otherwise, if a squid plush is not your thing, we recommend checking the Splatoon 3 pre-order bonuses at other major retailers. 

splatoon 3 pre order bonus
Pre-order Splatoon 3 at Gamestop to get a free sticker set. (Picture: Gamestop/Nintendo)

Gamestop is giving away a free sticker as the pre-order bonus, whereas My Nintendo Store UK is giving away a gym bag and a squid pin. On the other hand, pre-ordering Splatoon 3 at Best Buy will get you a highly detailed yellow inkling keychain complete with a bow and an arrow.

You can also get octopus and squid keyrings if you pre-order Splatoon 3 at The Game Collection Store and ShopTo.

On a completely different note, if you pre-order or order Splatoon 3 from the Nintendo e-shop before 30th September 2022, you will earn twice the amount of Gold Coins to use for your next digital purchase. Pretty sweet, right?

That's everything you need to know about the pre-order bonuses in Splatoon 3.

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Featured image courtesy of Nintendo.