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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Beginner's Guide - Best Tips For New Players

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a complex JRPG that takes time to master. Here's our beginner's guide to aid you through the game's early stages.
Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Beginner's Guide - Best Tips For New Players

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a massive and complex RPG that slowly and steadily unravels all of its gameplay attributes. However, similar to others like it, it's a slow burn. Moreover, with a wide array of mechanics introduced over time, it can become overwhelming for newcomers to grasp everything all at once.

As such, if you're new to the Xenoblade franchise and are currently in the early stages of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, we have gathered a bunch of tips and tricks to aid you in your journey through Aionios.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - Best Starting Tips For Beginners

Below you will find several useful tips and tricks that will allow you to blast through Xenoblade Chronicles 3 in no time.

Rush through Chapter 1

best starting guide beginners combat tips xenoblade chronicles 3
The combat options only open in Chapter 2, so it's best to rush Chapter 1 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. (Picture: Monolith Soft)

You're supposed to go slow in massive JRPGs such as these, but in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, it's best if you rush through Chapter 1. That's because, in Chapter 2, you unlock the option to switch between classes and control other party members, which opens up numerous combat opportunities. 

You can always fast-travel to previously explored locations, so it's not like you will be missing out on side quests and monster hunts by rushing through the regions of chapter 1.

Dodge in combat

how to dodge during combat xenoblade chronicles 3
You can dodge during combat by pressing R3 (the button on the right analog stick.) Picture: Monolith Soft

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 features real-time combat, and while you can't sprint or slide, you can dodge. We discovered this neat gameplay mechanic accidentally during a combat encounter and have used it ever since.

To dodge, press R3 (the button on the right analog stick). Dodging comes in handy, especially when you're playing as a Swordfighter (Noah) or Zephyr (Mio) class, so make sure to use it to your advantage.

Equip Gemstones to multiple characters at once

gems xenoblade chronicles 3
You can equip a gemstone to more than one character at a time in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. (Picture: Monolith Soft)

In Chapter 2, you unlock the ability to craft Gemstones, special equipment that gives you buffs. While the Gem Crafting tutorial will provide this detail, it is also easy to forget that you can equip a Gemstone to more than one character at a time.

For example, early on, you will craft the Ironclad I Gemstone that increases your maximum HP by 100. You will probably equip this to Noah, but you can also equip this to Mio and other characters. 

Equip accessories that benefit your class

accessories xenoblade chronicles 3
Some Accessories are more efficient with characters of certain classes, so equip them wisely. (Picture: Monolith Soft)

While it is self-explanatory, equipping the accessories according to your class will give you an edge during combat. For example, equip an accessory that boosts healing skills to Healer classes.

Some accessories also come labeled with a class symbol. While you can equip these accessories to characters of any class, you should equip them to the recommended class to maximize their effect.

Use the right commands during combat

commands xenoblade chronicles 3
Using the right command in combat will give you an edge during tough encounters. (Picture: Monolith Soft)

RPGs with party-based combat open up more strategic ways to approach a combat scenario. These come in handy when playing at greater difficulties or facing incredibly tough foes. 

Like most games of the genre, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 also allows you to take direct control of your party, issuing them commands and changing the course of the battle. As such, it's important to learn when to use a specific command. 

For example, when fighting a boss battle, we often switch to our healer and use the command "Follow Leader" to gather everyone around and use the group heal skill. 

We recommend experimenting with different commands in different scenarios to get a grip of the mechanic and exploit it to your advantage.

Eat at Canteens to gain new recipes

cooking xenoblade chronicles 3
Eating at canteens in different colonies will unlock new cooking recipes. (Picture: Monolith Soft)

In Chapter 2 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you will unlock the option to cook. Eating cooked items will grant you unique buffs that last roughly fifty minutes to an hour. Unfortunately, you will only have one food recipe initially, but you can unlock more by eating at Canteens in various colonies you come across during your journey.

Use the Training Drill

training drill xenoblade chronicles 3
Training Drill will allow you to master specific combat attributes. (Picture: Monolith Soft)

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has an intricate combat system, which may take a while to get used to for a newcomer. So if you're struggling to comprehend and properly execute its various combat attributes efficiently on the battlefield, you should use the Training Drill.

Training Drill allows you to learn and master different aspects of combat. So whether you're struggling to use the Arts in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 efficiently or mastering the art of Chain Attacks, we recommend using the Training Drill to improve; you can access this from the System section of the main menu.

These are some beginner's tips for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 that we believe could aid you in your journey. We hope they have helped you.

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Featured image courtesy of Monolith Soft.