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Team Fortress 2 Suffers Major Asset Leak

Players have unearthed and leaked 61GB of assets from Team Fortress 2.
Team Fortress 2 Suffers Major Asset Leak

Team Fortress 2 is one of the most community-supported and beloved games of all time. TF2 is a game that has been out since 2007 and fans still enjoy playing the game. Fans have even gone as far as to create their own bots to eliminate cheaters in TF2 games.

With that being said, TF2 fans are always clamoring and looking for more. It seems as if they finally got it as a major asset leak has revealed 61GB of assets from TF2. The TF2 fans have found all of these assets and are now looking through them to see what they can find and discover about TF2 to see what could have been for the game.

What Is In The TF2 Asset Leak?

Team Fortress 2 Asset Leak
A lot of unused TF2 assets have been discovered in this most recent asset and data leak for the game. (Picture: Valve)

To put it simply, just about anything you could think of being in an asset leak was in this leak for TF2. The leak had character models, unused maps, unfinished maps, original gun concepts, and so much more. This asset leak shows clearly that not everything Valve developed for TF2 was used for the game. Some assets had to be thrown away for one reason or another.

The leak shows that unused stages such as Dustbowl 2 were in fact developed for the game. Of course, many of the assets that were found in this most recent data leak were not used for one reason or another. But that does not stop fans from looking at what could have been.

What Now Happens With The TF2 Asset Leak?

TF2 Data Leak
Fans will likely use these unused assets to further build on the community tab of Team Fortress 2. (Picture: Valve)

The data leak for TF2 is huge for one major reason: TF2 has huge community support and community servers. What this means is that fans of the game are constantly modding the game and making their own game modes and maps into the TF2 community browser. The community browser gives players a brand new TF2 experience.

The TF2 community will take these assets and more than likely, create new game modes, scenarios, animations, and so much more for the game. But this will likely take some time as fans will have to sift through 61GB of assets to find something that they want to use for their own modded gameplay of TF2.