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GTA 6 Location Potentially Leaked By Unreleased GTA Online Content

A new unused shirt in GTA Online reveals a new city and we discuss what that city is here.
GTA 6 Location Potentially Leaked By Unreleased GTA Online Content

In the gaming industry, developers often add assets to video games that go unused. There are multiple reasons why assets go unused for video games, but sometimes, the remnants of that data are still available for data miners to take a look at. With the Los Santos Drug Wars update, many assets get uploaded ahead of time.

There are also times when older assets get dug up as well. Although it is hard to tell, Twitter users and data miners have found a shirt that shows a cityscape on it. Players are now wondering what exactly the shirt represents, if anything. Is it a leak or a sneak peek into GTA 6 by Rockstar? We discuss the possibilities here.

What Is The Unused Shirt Asset In GTA Online?

GTA Online Shirt
Take a look at the shirt asset that was uncovered in the GTA Online files. (Picture: Twitter User @ClassiqueGTA)

As we have previously stated, video game companies often add assets to video games, and then they go unused throughout the entirety of the game. A Twitter user named @ClassiqueGTA has revealed an unused shirt asset in GTA Online.

As you can see, the shirt has a Downtown Cab Co. taxi on it, and it is driving around what looks like a tropical city. Many players suggest that it could represent Vice City, but some remain unconvinced due to the fact that there is a mountain on the shirt as well. So players are trying to figure out where exactly the shirt is taking place.

What City Is On The Mysterious Shirt In GTA Online?

GTA Online Shirt
Data miners often look at the files of GTA Online to see if there are any teasers upcoming for GTA 6. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Some users are convinced that the mysterious shirt does not take place in Los Santos. They claim that the mountain does not look like Mount Chiliad in GTA Online. They are also saying that the city skyline is of another city entirely. Others are convinced and are trying to say it is a brand new city that takes place outside of what would be considered the United States in the GTA world.

Most likely, though, this shirt is actually a city of Los Santos or a generic city. New cab missions are coming to GTA Online, and the cab company you are a part of is called Downtown Cab Co. On top of that, the picture is very clearly artsy, and not all art is accurate to real life. This becomes even more true when you have art in a video game trying to represent something within a video game.

What is the most likely scenario is that this is a shirt that will be part of the Taxi Missions that are coming in the future. This is especially true when you consider the GTA 6 leaks, and it is already been confirmed that the new game takes place in Vice City.

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