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Teardown - Release date, gameplay, features, and more

Teardown is a thrilling new destruction simulator and sandbox game by Tuxedo Labs that rivals the gameplay of Minecraft.
Teardown - Release date, gameplay, features, and more

Teardown might be the sandbox game for you if you need a new place to create and destroy. The new sandbox and simulator game, Teardown, is all about the destruction of the objects in the world.

Whether it’s explosions, crashes, or the work of gravity, Teardown has the mechanics to help you enjoy the virtual chaos. Teardown also comes with an exciting campaign to take players through multiple maps.

Teardown Release Date

Teardown Release Date 21st April
Buildings and vehicles break down from explosions and wreckage. (Picture: Tuxedo Labs)

Teardown was released on 21st April 2022 for Microsoft Windows and at the moment it doesn't seem as though the game developers currently have any plans to bring it to other platforms.

Of course, that could all change if the game gains popularity and demand. You can purchase Teardown on Steam as well as join the official Discord to be a part of the discussion around the game.

Teardown Gameplay

Teardown Gameplay capability
Teardown uses its own unique physics engine to give a realistic feel to the destruction of objects in the game. (Picture: Tuxedo Labs)

The player controls a character in either first-person mode where they interact with the environment and collect materials. There are different tools and weapons that players can use that all have different functions and purposes.

The game offers several vehicles such as construction equipment to boats to help players smash objects, achieve objectives, and explore the world.

Teardown Features

Teardown features a campaign mode where players have to complete objectives and overcome challenges that include heists, pranks, and destroying different locations. The developers have expressed that more content will be added in the future.

There are currently 10 levels that feature various settings and conditions in Teardown. Each level will come with a sandbox mode giving players unlimited resources so they can create and destroy what they want.

Players can mod their games and will have Steam Workshop Integration. There is already a vibrant community around Teardown that is creating hundreds of user-generated items and maps.

Teardown features available
Teardown is finally available for players to jump into the explosive action. (Picture: Tuxedo Labs)

While there are not any multiplayer features available at the moment, there is a lot of hope in Teardown circles that the feature will be brought to the destructive game via future updates.


Featured image courtesy of Tuxedo Labs.