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Peridot – Release date, platforms, gameplay, and more

Niantic's new AR mobile game, Peridot, is a virtual pet companion game, similar to a Tamagotchi system, that lets players take care of their pets.
Peridot – Release date, platforms, gameplay, and more

A new augmented reality (AR) title, Peridot, from Niantic, will be going live soon, adding to the roster of popular AR titles like Pokémon GO and Pikmin Bloom. Coming to mobile devices, Peridot is a virtual pet companion game that should bring about memories of owning a Tamagotchi.

Players will be tasked with caring for their virtual pets and forming bonds with them to be rewarded. Here's everything you need to know about Peritots release date, gameplay and more. 

Peridot – Release date

According to a blog post from Niantic, there has been no official confirmation on a release date for Peridot. A soft launch of the game will soon be released in selected markets that promise to show what it looks like, its gameplay and its features. 

As the game is tested and iterated during its soft beta launch, and if it meets Niantics expectations, it will be available to the rest of the world shortly after. The developer has since encouraged players to register for newsletters or follow their social media accounts for future updates and news on the game.

Peridot - Platforms and pre-register

As mentioned previously, Niantic will be having a soft launch of the game's beta this month in selected markets worldwide. Peridot will be available on Android and iOS devices once it releases worldwide, for which you can pre-register through Niantic's official site to learn more.

Peridot - Gameplay features

peridot ar game nianatic gameplay features tamagotchi systems caring dots exploring
Centred around the act of caring, players can raise their Peridots and form bonds with their virtual pets. (Picture: Niantic)

Peridot is Niantic's original concept for the adorable creatures known as Peridots or Dots for short. The game doesn't feature any trainer fighting or energy blasts, as we have seen in Pokemon GO; in this new AR experience.

Instead, the gameplay aims to provide you with a pet owner experience, allowing you to care for and raise your Dot to adulthood and bond with it as you learn and grow together. Similar to the Tamagotchi systems of the past, there is a "desire system" that will tell you what your Dot wants, whether it wants to eat, play, take a walk or go see something interesting nearby with you.

peridot virtual pet companion ar game tamagotchi system caring
Take care of your Dot by going out for walks, feeding them or exploring new places. (Picture: Niantic)

The technology behind the system is also unique as the Dots will recognize the surface they are standing on and react accordingly and avoid certain terrains if they aren't comfortable there. Finally, the breeding system works by breeding two Archetype Dots to create a new kind of Dot to populate the world with new species of Dots.

Archetype Dots can be various types such as Unicorn, Cheetah and even Jester or Mettalic. Breeding your Dots can only happen at specific locations, similar to Pokemon GO's gym locations.

Peridot – Breeding gameplay mechanics

Peridot breeding
Peridot Breeding allows for various new and unique Dots to be bred. (Picture: Niantic)

To breed your Dots, you'll need to visit a Habitat located at a real-world location or point of interest. Once there, you'll need to find a nest. The nests dictate certain qualities of your Dots like their colour, patterns or even the size and shape of the Dot itself.

After finding your Habitat and a nest, you can release your Dot to mingle with the other adults and find a partner they like. Once they make a new egg in your nest, your newly born Dot will be yours to look after, and your adult Dot will stay at the Habitat with its partner.

You can still visit your previous Dot at the Habitat and call it over to play and check on its little one, but the new Dot is yours to raise and care for once it is born.

As the game will launch its soft beta launch sometime this month, we'll provide updates with more information as it becomes available. In the meantime, check out our dedicated Video Games section for the latest news, updates and more.


Featured Image courtesy of Niantic.