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Splitgate: How to improve your FPS / performance

Get the most out of your PC in Splitgate with the right settings.
Splitgate: How to improve your FPS / performance

Splitgate has been making quite the splash in recent weeks.

The game has blown upon consoles since the beta was released in July, however, it all started on PC for Halo-cum-Portal shooter. The PC community has been around since it was released on the platform in 2019 and it is arguably the best way to enjoy the game.

We’ve already gone over the controller settings for Splitgate, but now it’s time to ensure the PC player base is using the best settings to get the most out of their computer and increase their FPS. So if you’ve been struggling to get a high frame rate or want some guidance, look no further. 

Best PC settings in Splitgate

Splitgate best pc settings
Splitgate gets a full release later in August. (Picture: 1047 Games)

As a disclaimer, this article will go over the PC graphical settings. This article won’t go over the keybinds or mouse sensitivity for Splitgate on PC, which will be coming soon. 

Essentially, we’re going over the best options for the “Video” tab in the Splitgate settings. Below, players can see the full list of recommended settings for this section.

  • Display mode: Fullscreen
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (Or whatever your monitor goes up to)
  • Resolution scale: 100.0
  • FOV: 100-103
  • V-Sync: Depends on your monitor but Off is the recommended settings
  • View distance: Far
  • Post-process: Low
  • Shadows: Low 
  • Textures: Low-Medium
  • Effects: Low 
  • Anti-Aliasing: Medium
  • Frame rate limit: Whatever your monitor’s refresh rate is 

These settings should yield high FPS on most modern PCs. If your PC is more high-end you can increase the textures and effects settings, as it gives you something prettier to look at while in-game. However, for the majority of players, the textures don’t matter in a fast-paced multiplayer shooter. 

Best fps settings for Splitgate
Splitgate has been accurately described as a cross between Halo and Portal. (Picture: 1047 Games)

The most important settings are FOV, which should be at least 100, and the resolution. If you have a 1440p or 4k monitor, you can increase the resolution up to the highest setting. Although, this will decrease your FPS and Splitgate doesn’t really need a higher resolution. Of course, this setting, and all of the rest, is up to you. 

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