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TheGrefg becomes most-watched Twitch stream ever, 2.4 million tune in for Fortnite skin reveal

TheGrefg's Fortnite Icon series skin reveal stream has become the most-watched stream in Twitch's history.
Update: TheGrefg has revealed his Icon series skin in front of over 2.4 million viewers. 

Here's TheGrefg's Fortnite Icon series skin:

TheGrefg Fortnite Skin

(Picture: TheGrefg)

TheGrefg Icon series skin will be available in the in-game store from 16th January to the 20th.

Original story:

Popular Spanish streamer TheGrefg has just broken the all-time Twitch record for the most concurrent viewers on a single channel.

At the time of writing this article, TheGrefg's stream is being watched by more than 2.4 million viewers, waiting for the streamer to reveal his Icon series skin.

The record was previously held by ELEAGUE Boston Major 2018 Finals, with 1,088,063 concurrent viewers.

Additionally, he now has more viewers on a single stream than the single-game all-time concurrent viewers record, which is held by Fortnite with 2,331,987 viewers during The Device Event (15th June 2020).