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All Torchlight Infinite Classes And Hero Traits

Players have the choice of 5 characters, each with a different class, to fight through Torchlight Infinite. Here is the guide about know all Torchlight Infinite classes and hero traits.
All Torchlight Infinite Classes And Hero Traits

Torchlight Infinite is the new mobile dungeon crawler experience in development by Xindong Network. The game is currently in its second round of beta and is expected to release in late 2022.

Instead of creating a character, there are premade characters who fill different class roles. There are currently 5 classes that will be available in Torchlight Infinite.

The playstyle of Torchlight Infinite is a hack and slash game similar to Diablo or Path to Exile. Players can level up their characters, choose their stats, and obtain new equipment to help defeat their foes.

Berserker - Rehan

Torchlight Infinite Rehan Berserker
Rehan is a melee fighter who can take a lot of damage. (Picture: Xindong Network)

Rehan the berserker is a powerful melee class who excels at close-range combat. After level 5, Rehan receives the Hammer of Ash which fractures the ground while creating lava to devastate enemies.

The sole survivor of the Varagon Expedition, Rehan is the son of the chieftain who tried to place a spell on Rehan to trap him. Rehan’s rage was what saved him from his father.

Hero Trait:

Rage- Rehan’s trait Rage generates Rage with every melee attack and when taking damage. Attack speed increases as Rage increases. When the Rage bar is filled, it can be consumed to enter Berserk which increases damage and movement speed.

  • Level 15: Anger

  • Level 32: Righteous Fury and Frenzy Furious

  • Level 50: Rampaging 

  • Level 62: Boiling Anger and Tunnel Vision

  • Level 80: Uncontrolled Anger

Commander - Moto

Moto Commander Torchlight Infinite
The summoner in Torchlight Infinite, Moto, brings mechanical companions to the fight. (Picture: Xindong Network)

Moto the commander summons many high-tech devices to win on the battlefield. This character can fight from both long-distance and close range.

An instructor at Torchlight, Moto teaches about engineering and Ember Tech as he tries to move on from his previous days of being commander-in-chief of the Iron-Spate Knights.

Hero Trait:

Commander- Moto can Overload his summoned minion to increase their casting and attack speed.

  • Level 15: Order Calling

  • Level 32: Charge Forward and All In

  • Level 50: Veteran

  • Level 62: Last Stand and Brothers in Arms

  • Level 80: Rest & Ready and Go For Broke

Divineshot - Carino

Divineshot Carino Torchlight Infinite
Carino is a ranged fighter with expertise in different weapons. (Picture: Xindong Network)

For players who like playing ranged classes, Carino provides the opportunity. This character can wield various ranged weapons and relies on staying mobile. 

Carino is a loner from the fallen Hermann Empire who wanders and still tries to uphold his belief in justice.

Hero Trait:

Reload- Carino’s projectile skills consume ammo, the initial ammo capacity is 6, the base reloading time is 0.8 seconds, and movement speed is increased by 30% while reloading.

  • Level 15: Ammo Expert

  • Level 32: Moving Reload and Enhance Ammo

  • Level 50: Ammunition

  • Level 62: Special Magazine and Landslide

  • Level 80: Special Expansion and Bullseye

Frostfire - Gemma

Gemma Frostfire Torchlight Infinite
Combining fire and cold, Gemma freezes and then burns down her enemies. (Picture: Xindong Network)

Gemma the Frostfire destroys her enemies using the magic of fire and ice. This character is great for AoE damage and learns a plethora of skills to burn down anyone who opposes.

This spellcaster was born into a respected family but had mechanical transplants that changed her very being and gave her the ability to wield fire and frost.

Hero Trait:

Icefire Fiend- Spells that are both fire and cold don’t grant any fire or cold energy.

  • Level 15: Fusion Form

  • Level 32: Abnormal Energy and Expansion

  • Level 50: Frostfire Strength 

  • Level 62: Fusion Body and Spread

  • Level 80: Seeping In and Extreme Fusion

Spacetime Witness - Youga

Youga Spacetime Witness Torchlight Infinite
Youga maneuvers around the map with the use of spacetime magic. (Picture: Xindong Network)

For those who like to play with environmental magic that changes the flow of the battlefield, then Youga should be your choice. This character uses spacetime magic to control the field, confuse enemies, and devastate them with spells. 

Hero Trait:

Spacetime Witness- Trait slot energy is gained only when consuming mana.

  • Level 15: Spacetime Illusion

  • Level 32: Flow Disruption and Field Effect 

  • Level 50: Spacetime Resonance

  • Level 62: Arcane Contact and Spacetime Protection

  • Level 80: Twisted Field and Synchronized Time

That's all about Torchlight Infinite classes for heroes. If you enjoyed this post, make sure to check out GINX for all your gaming and esports needs. We'll keep you in the loop with all the best gaming guides, industry news, and much more.


Featured image courtesy of Xindong Network.