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Rarest skins in Subway Surfers

Let's take a look at the rarest characters and rarest skins in Subway Surfers you can unlock.
Rarest skins in Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is touted as one of, if not, the most popular endless runners available to play right now. One of the biggest reasons for this is the vast array of characters you can play with and the cool, custom, and especially rare characters and skins you can get.

So today we're going to have a look at some of the rarest skins and rarest characters in Subway Surfers, and how you can go about adding them to your collection for your next run. We will be looking at skins or characters that you can get right now, as some were introduced previously but removed and are unlikely to return.

Rarest skins in Subway Surfers

Zombie Jake

Rarest skins in Subway Surfers Zombie Jake available to play in Halloween
Zombie Jake is available to play right now in Subway Surfers. (Picture: Kiloo)

Zombie Jake is the zombie version of his usual self and featured in the Halloween edition of the game, but is still available to purchase currently. He sports the same outfit as always, but now with green skin and a somewhat awkward stance.

Zombie Jake is available for purchase for real-world money, and the amount of 4.99 Dollars to be exact. He is also available with a Serious Outfit, which costs 30 keys to unlock and wear.

Elf Tricky

Rarest skins in Subway Surfers Elf Tricky Available in the Festive Event
Elf Trick made her return to the latest Edition of the game since the Festive Edition. (Picture: Kiloo)

Elf Tricky is an elf-themed variant of Tricky, the core team member of the Subway Surfers. She sports a festive elf outfit, with a green, red, and white combination color palette.

Elf Tricky is a limited edition skin available for 95,000 coins in the Holiday Edition of the game. She also comes with two other outfits, the Ice outfit for 30 Keys and the Candy outfit for 25 Keys.


Rarest skins in Subway Surfers Rabbot is available in the Zurich version of the game
Rabbot is available to purchase and play in the Zurich Edition of the game, but we hope to see her return in the current editions. (Picture: Kiloo)

Rabbot was a special edition character first appearing in the Zurich update and made for the Easter Event of the game. She is designed as a pink rabbit and robot combination, hence her name, and she sports a pink and beige color scheme.

Rabbot is available for 40 keys, 180 easter Eggs during the Easter event, 100,000 Coins in the Oxford event, and finally, for real money in the Iceland Event. She is also the first robot character to be assigned a female gender.


Rarest skins in Subway Surfers Monkbot Beijing Edition available to play
Monkbot is available in the Beijing Edition of the game and is available to play, but we hope to see him return in the current editions. (Picture: Kiloo)

Monkbot is a character that first appeared in the Beijing Edition of the game and is now available to unlock for the cost of 2.99 Dollars, sporting a unique Chinese-themed outfit and a custom traditional hat.

Monkbot doesn't come with any additional outfits and he only appeared once in the game thus far in the Beijing Event and can be collected only when playing there. He is also the only other robot character aside from Rabbot to have a defined gender.

And those are the available rarest skins or Rarest character in Subway Surfers. For more on the game, head to our section dedicated to the latest Subway Surfers guides, news, tips, and more.


Featured image courtesy of Kiloo.