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How to Touch The Ceiling in Roller Champions

Reach for the sky with our full guide one how to touch the ceiling in Roller Champions and unlock the achievement for it.
How to Touch The Ceiling in Roller Champions

Roller Champions has brought fans into a new world of high-intensity roller skating competition, and with it comes exciting gameplay but also challenges and trophies for players to collect. One of these trophies, called "Hitting cloud nine," can be gained when a player touches the ceiling of any arena in the game.

If you're a trophy hunter yourself or simply a thrill seeker and are curious to know how to do this. We have you covered with this guide on how to touch the ceiling in the all-new Roller Champions video game

How to touch the ceiling in Roller Champions

Roller Champions challenges players right out of the gate with tasks to complete to collect trophies. To know more about this, we have put together a complete list of all the trophies and achievements you can earn in Roller Champions. And when you touch the ceiling of any arena in Roller champions, you will receive the "Hitting cloud nine" achievement.

How to touch the ceiling in Roller Champions use the smaller corner of the rink to gain momentum to touch the ceiling
Players must use the smaller gap between the walls of the rink to gain momentum to touch the ceiling. (Picture: YouTube / non one c)

To touch the ceiling of an arena, you must use the two walls that are the closest together on the far ends of the oval-shaped rinks. Then, build up some speed towards either of the walls and perform a high jump up one wall until gravity brings you back down; using the momentum as you descend to accelerate to the other wall, rinse and repeat until you reach the highest you can go.

Once you reach the highest point, you can get to, hold your left analogue stick towards the opposite wall and perform a regular jump, which should give you enough height to touch the ceiling. Once you touch it, you will automatically receive an achievement for "Hitting cloud nine" and be well on your way to completing your bucket list of collecting all the achievements in the game.

How to touch the ceiling in Roller Champions receiving the achievement for touching the ceiling
After touching the ceiling in Roller Champions, players will receive an achievement for doing so. (Picture: YouTube / non one c)

We recommend doing this on a quick match after you have ensured that your team is in the lead and not try it in any of the custom or tournament matches. This will ensure you don't ruffle any feathers of your fellow teammates since having a player taking some time out from the game to touch the ceiling during a tense match might be a cause for concern. 

We would like to thank YouTube Channel non one c for providing the full guide on the "Hitting Cloud Nine" achievement in Roller Champions. For more of their content, please consider subscribing to the channel. 

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Featured image courtesy of Ubisoft