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How To Get Unlimited Ammo in Rollerdrome

Struggling to get better in Rollerdrome? Here's how you can easily get unlimited ammo and make things a little easy for yourself.
How To Get Unlimited Ammo in Rollerdrome

Rollerdrome is a skater-shooter hybrid game that can sometimes be unapologetically difficult. Furthermore, the game doesn't offer a traditional difficulty setting where you can tone it down to easy for a more forgiving experience.

One particular gameplay feature that makes Rollerdrome different and also inevitably makes it difficult is how you unlock more ammo.

It can be a rather tedious job; however, there's a way to get infinite ammo in the game. Our guide here will tell you exactly how to get unlimited ammo in Rollerdrome. 

How to get Infinite Ammo in Rollerdrome

rollerdrome unlimited ammo
You can get unlimited ammo in Rollerdrome by enabling one of the assists options. (Picture: Roll7/Ginx Esports TV)

As mentioned before, there is no traditional difficulty setting in Rollerdrome though there are several accessibility options that can make things a little endearing. One of these assists can grant you unlimited ammo in the game. 

To enable this option, head to the game's setting in the main menu and look for the assists column. Here you will find the "Infinite Ammo" option. Simply click on the "Yes" option to enable it.


And there you have it. You now get infinite ammo in Rollerdrome, and instead of stressing out about gaining more ammo, you can focus on getting better at performing various tricks and qualify for the next round in the game.

rollerdrome infinite ammo
Enabling Infinite Ammo will prevent your scores from being submitted to the online leaderboard. (Picture: Roll7/Ginx Esports TV)

While it's all fun and games, there's just one downside to enabling infinite ammo in Rollerdrome, or rather any assists. Doing so will prevent your scores from being submitted to the online leaderboards.

If it's something that bothers you, then we would recommend taking the harsh decision of not enabling any of the assists. Otherwise, you are free to go bonkers and enable all the assists you like.

And that's everything you need to know about getting unlimited ammo in Rollerdrome. 

In our Rollerdrome review, we called it " an innovative, upbeat, often sadistic, and utterly satisfying shooter-skater."

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Featured image courtesy of Roll7.