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Warzone March 11 update: Are zombies invading Verdansk?

With the latest Warzone update on 11th March, the zombie invasion has now started to spread from the ship to the surrounding areas in Verdansk.
Warzone March 11 update: Are zombies invading Verdansk?
Warzone developers Raven Software have just released a small update which mostly consists of playlist changes.

But asides from playlist changes, one other thing is much more significant with the 11th March update.

Raven Software has issued a "Contagion Warning", alerting all players that the zombies from the mysterious Russian cargo tanker Vodianoy are now starting to leave the cursed ship and are spreading in areas nearest to point zero.

The warning has been issued for Southeastern Verdansk and it includes the ship itself "as well as territories immediately east, including the Zordaya Prison Complex and surrounding areas."

The Shipwreck has been added to Warzone with Season 2 and it is a new point of interest that includes a Yellow Access Card and a bunch of zombies.

warzone zombies march 11
(Picture: Activision)

Players have been speculating about possible further contamination of Verdansk with these zombies, with them being spread across the city which will eventually lead to Verdansk being nuked.

And with today's update, it seems that things are indeed going in that direction as zombies are leaving the original area and will now appear in the Zordaya Prison Complex and other parts of Southeastern Verdansk.

The visual used for this update, which shows 5%, indicates that a theory about Zombies Machines, which were also added with Season 2, might be true. That theory says that zombies will continue to spread across Verdansk until the progress bar fills to 100%, at which point the missiles will detonate, nuking the whole city and surrounding area.

warzone zombies march 11
The same 5% is shown on Zombies Machines screens(Picture: Activision)

Some think that with the start of Season 3 Verdansk will either be drastically different or maybe there will be a completely new map that will bring Warzone more in line with Black Ops Cold War lore.

Either way, zombies are moving and are starting to spread across the map, and how will that end, we will have to wait for data miners and leakers to give us the first information, as usual.