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Why Did Spellbreak Fail? Lag, Bots, And Everything In Between

Popular magic battle royale Spellbreak shuts down its servers in 2023. We explore why Spellbreak died and how it could not be saved.
Why Did Spellbreak Fail? Lag, Bots, And Everything In Between

On 28th June 2022, American-based game developer Proletariat Inc. announced that its popular magic-focused battle royale (BR) Spellbreak would shut down its servers in early 2023, just two short years since its global release in September 2020.

While the game was positively received and regarded as a breath of fresh air for the battle royale genre at launch, Spellbreak's demise quickly became apparent for a multitude of reasons. In this article, we explore Spellbreak's meteoric rise and all the reasons why it failed.

Was Spellbreak Destined To Fail?

Spellbreak Game closure
Spellbreak officially ends after two years since its global release. (Picture: Proletariat Inc.)

In short, no, it wasn't. Instead, Spellbreak made waves across the gaming community as a standout title in an otherwise saturated genre. At the time, it was a one-of-a-kind game, especially during the trend of BRs everywhere rising in interest thanks to Fortnite, Player’s Unknown Battleground, and H1Z1.

Almost everyone knew the genre focused on guns, grenades, and various weapons, but many people never really experienced anything outside the standard. Spellbreak was a refreshing introduction and led the world to see how BRs could be more than just arena-style shooting games.

Spellbreak battle royale
The most common problem in Spellbreak was lag and bots ruining public lobbies. (Picture: Proletariat Inc.)

In its first two years of development, Spellbreak was a diamond in the rough that had multiple issues like servers, lagging, and a lack of players, but it got around to the bulk side of those problems. 

In its first five days after the global release, Spellbreak became the fastest-growing game on Twitch, amassing over two million players. The BR was streamed and loved by the likes of notable internet icons GoldenBoy, DrLupo, and shroud; even DrDisrespect gave it a try.

Spellbreak had everything it needed to become one of the best BRs in the genre, but it didn’t. So why didn’t it, you may ask? Well, there are so many reasons to cover.

Why Is Spellbreak Shutting Down Its Servers In 2023?

From lagging and the low volume of players in matches to slow content releases and even stagnancy across gameplay experience, Spellbreak couldn’t keep up with itself and its Breakers' demands.

Most would expect any game rising in popularity to feature new game modes monthly or battle passes with intricate costumes to arrive every quarter. At the very least, Spellbreak should’ve listened to its Breakers’ pleas and wishes.

Spellbreak corrosive spells.
Spellbreak was arguably the slowest to release new content out of all battle royale games. (Picture: Proletariat Inc.)

But no, the game didn’t focus on these things at all. Spellbreak didn’t start rolling out content until it was too late. It didn’t utilize its meteoric rise across the community to bounce and profit through different possible avenues like those mentioned above. In summary, the game deafened itself to the opinions of the Breakers who made its popularity possible.

In an industry where trends and hyped-up games move quicker than the wind, this collective issue was Spellbreak’s most significant issue. But that’s just a tiny part of the game’s downfall; ResetGet’s comedic and informative YouTube video goes deeper into the history of Spellbreak’s demise.

Indeed, it’s unfortunate to see such wasted potential from a game performing amazingly across many different mechanics. Still, with its official departure approaching early 2023, some fans wish to relish Spellbreak while it’s still active.

But for fans looking for alternatives or bracing for impact as the game crashes into oblivion, we've recommended five games like Spellbreak that you can play anywhere right now.

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Featured image courtesy of Proletariat Inc.