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XEL Release Date, Platforms, Features, Gameplay, And More

Here's everything you need to know about the release date, platforms, features, gameplay, and more for the action-adventure title, XEL.
XEL Release Date, Platforms, Features, Gameplay, And More

For players who love 3D action-adventure video games comes XEL, a brand new title from the developer, Tiny Roar, and publisher, Assemble Entertainment that is set to take you on a journey to remember. For those who want to be in the loop regarding this upcomuing title, you're in the right place. 

We will be taking you through everything you need to know about XEL, including its release date, platforms, features, and more. Showcasing why this game should be on your radar this July. 

XEL Release Date And Platforms

XEL Release Date Platforms Features Gameplay And More Release date
XEL will be released on the 12th and 14th July for PC and Switch respectively. (Picture: Assemble Entertainment)

XEL will be released on the 12th July for PC via Steam and GOG and on the 14th July for the Nintendo Switch, followed by the Playstation 5, Xbox Series, Playstation 4, and Xbox One, later in 2022. These dates have been officially confirmed by the developer Tiny Roar. 

While we don't have an exact date yet for the release on the latter console, we will update this listing as the information becomes available. So be sure to check back here soon once the game has been released. 

XEL Features And Gameplay

XEL Release Date Platforms Features Gameplay And More Gameplay
XEL's gameplay features third person combat, challenging puzzles, and exploration. (Picture: Assemble Entertainment)

XEL is a 3D action-adventure game set in a sci-fi fantasy world, where your character, Reid, is shipwrecked in the strange world of XEL. Reid has no recollection of her former life, so it's up to the player to uncover her past and reveal the secrets of XEL and its connection to Reid. 

The game features sword and shield action and upgrade mechanics, with a balance of exploration, puzzle-solving, and dungeon crawling. Reid will meet enemies and allies as she makes her way through the world and engages in charming dialogue that lets her peak into the vast amounts of strong storytelling that's been created for the game, revealing what caused the world of XEL to become what it is now.  

The Gameplay features the standard Souls-like trifecta of attacking dodging and parrying, but with the added benefit of gadgets to give the game a unique flair. Reid also uses unique abilities to bend the rules of space and time to traverse prior inaccessible areas or encounter foes in a weakened state. 

XEL Release Date Platforms Features Gameplay And More XEL's graphics
XEL's visual design was crafted solely by the indie developers at Tiny Roar. (Picture: Assemble Entertainment)

XEL will also feature vibrant visuals, crafted by a passionate and talented indie team that make the 3D action-adventure game a pleasure to look at. Along with an emotion-packed soundtrack created by Gidon Wolff that will draw you deeper into the world of XEL. 

And that's all we have on the brand new title XEL that's set to release first on the 12th July. If you haven't seen the trailer for XEL yet, then please consider checking it out below. 

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Featured image courtesy of Assemble Entertainment.