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Splitgate, can you keep battle pass skins after official release?

Find out if your hard-earned skins will stay with you when Splitgate fully releases.
One of the best parts about the Splitgate open beta has been the ability for players to earn and purchase skins. 

Players can rank up the free battle pass that’s featured in the beta and unlock all of the cosmetics that are featured on its ten tiers. While the stream isn’t too expansive, not much else can be expected from a game that hasn’t been released yet. 

Splitgate recently announced that the extended beta gives players the chance to complete their Battle Pass before the game fully releases, which is closer than some might think. However, some players might not see the benefit of ranking up the battle pass, or buying skins from the store, if they weren’t going to transfer over to the main game. 

In this article, we’ll look at whether or not Splitgate players will still have access to their skins once the beta ends. 

Do players keep skins after the Splitgate beta? 

Will you keep battle pass rewards in splitgate after beta?
The battle pass in Splitgate. (Picture: 1047 Games)

In short, players will be able to keep the skins they’ve earned during their time in the Splitgate beta. This was confirmed by the developers and simply makes sense. The battle pass during the beta is exclusive to those who played the pre-release version and developers want to reward those who tested the game early. 

The beta battle pass has ten free tiers, which players can complete rather quickly. However, the full version of the game will feature 100 tiers full of dazzling cosmetics and extra Splitcoin.

As for the other skins in Splitgate, players will also be able to keep the rewards they received from the Referral Code system. There are more details on that in one of our previous articles. 

Splitgate beta battle pass
The beta battle pass in Splitgate. (Picture: 1047 Games)

Finally, players will also be able to keep the skins they’ve purchased from the in-game store. Although, there’s no word on if these skins are exclusive to the beta or not. So if you see something in the store you want, it might be best to scoop it up rather than wait and see if it’s still available in the full game.