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Wizard101 Temporarily Offline After Disgruntled Employee Fills It With Vulgarities

In September 2022, a disgruntled employee posted inappropriate hacked messages to Wizard101's servers for all to see.
Wizard101 Temporarily Offline After Disgruntled Employee Fills It With Vulgarities

When you think of MMOs like Wizard101, you probably think fondly of the magical world with a bit of nostalgia from your childhood. After all, Wizard101 is a lot different from modern MMOs like Tower of Fantasy.

While Wizard101 remains in our minds as a symbol of childhood nostalgia, a disgruntled employee did something to make the game so unfriendly for children that developers had to temporarily take servers offline.

Here's everything you should know about the Wizard101 fiasco and how an employee filled the site with hacked messages in September 2022.

Wizard101 Goes Offline As Employee's Hacked Messages Go Viral

wizard101 hacked messages
In what is perhaps the strangest fiasco in Wizard101's 14-year lifetime, a disgruntled employee posted hacked messages on the game for all to see. (Picture: Kings Isle)

On 17th September 2022, a Kings Isle employee made this 14-year-old MMO take its servers offline temporarily after uploading swathes of inappropriate messages and displaying them to online users.

The messages popped up in the middle of online users' screens, and their content varied from misleading to inappropriate to utterly chaotic.

"Touch the fountain to get Crowns," one message read, urging players to touch the fountain in the center of the map - for seemingly no real reason. Crowns are an in-game currency purchasable with real money and cannot easily be earned through in-game efforts.

A few messages called some players' attention to potentially poor working conditions at Kings Isle, suggesting that the employee may have had a reason for the chaos they caused.

Though Wizard101 is targeted toward children, the messages posted by the employee were not so family-friendly. (Picture: Kings Isle)

"Kings Isle is the worst company I have ever worked for," one of the messages read, a line of sudden seriousness amongst the other silly and lighthearted phrases. "I fucking hate my job," another said.

hacked message wizard101
The hacked messages varied from strange to funny to sad. (Picture: Kings Isle)

One Twitter user even compiled a photo album of all the messages.

After the messages were reported by online players, Kings Isle temporarily took Wizard101 offline for a few hours.

"Wizard101 servers have been temporarily shut down due to an unexpected issue," the team wrote in a Twitter post.

Shortly after, they announced that a temporary fix to the issue had been deployed and a more long-term resolution was coming in the near future. It's unclear what that "resolution" is, and how the employee was handled.

That's all we currently know about the situation with Wizard101's hacked messages. As we find out more information about this developing story, we will be sure to report it to you here, so be sure to keep an eye out. 

And that's all. For more on MMOs like Wizard101, be sure to check out our dedicated category.


Featured image courtesy of Kings Isle.