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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Shagaru Magala return and details

With yet another Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak trailer, learn all about the returning Shagaru Magala.
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Shagaru Magala return and details

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is just days away now, and to prepare us for the battles to come, Capcom released another trailer that revealed the Shagaru Magala. Those who have faced this beast in the past know just how dangerous it can be compared to so many other monsters.

The latest trailer for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, which was shown at the Nintendo Direct in June, focused on some of the more difficult monsters to expect. Shagaru Magala is just one of the monster variants to appear in Sunbreak along with the Furious Rajang or the Scorned Magnamalo.

Shagaru Magala - Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak details

Shagaru Magala
Shagaru Magala is the second form of Gore Magala. (Picture: Capcom)

Though Shagaru Magala is a new addition to Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, it is not a new Monster entirely. With the reveal of Gore Magala, it isn't even the first Monster of its species to appear in a Sunbreak trailer. But this fearsome wyvern is known for the danger it poses, and it's a welcome surprise for its new appearance.

Both Shagaru Magala and Gore Magala made their debut in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. They were part of the main roster when the game was released, and fans have been clamoring for a chance at a fight with the beast ever since. In the new trailer, the brutality of the wyvern is put on full display.

Shagaru Magala has four normal legs and additional massive claws on its wings that serve as two more limbs. This power is put on full display in the new trailer as the monster destroys a Barioth with a second thought, and even powers up with some purple energy. For those who are new to the beast overall, the Shagaru is the upgraded version of the Gore Magala.

Gore Magala is much darker in nature and is considered the juvenile version. It can still shred hunters apart, but in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, Gore will likely serve as one of the initial monsters in the new roster. There's a reason this version was shown off weeks ago.

Shagaru and Barioth
Shagaru easily defeats a Barioth in the trailer. (Picture: Capcom)

As Gore becomes more powerful and sheds the scales on its back, it becomes Shagaru Magala. This version of the beast is much more bright and golden to reflect the transformation. The base form of Shagaru will act much like the enraged form of the Gore Magala. Shagaru will likely be saved for the later stages of the Sunbreak expansion for this reason, and preparation will be important.

After the reveal of Shagaru Magala in Sunbreak, we also got a look at some other dangerous variants. Furious Rajang and Scorned Magnamalo also joined the roster of new beasts to take down in Monster Hunter Rise. So far, the lineup of monsters is proving to be extensive and ultra-exciting.

And that's all. For more on Monster Hunter and industry news, head to our section dedicated to Video Game news, updates, guides, and more!


Featured image courtesy of Capcom.