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Sentinels reveal their Wild Rift roster and head coach

Sentinels have announced their entrance into the Wild Rift esports scene, and they have revealed the complete roster along with the head coach under the collaboration with Riot Games.
Sentinels reveal their Wild Rift roster and head coach

Sentinels announced their entrance in League of Legends: Wild Rift last week in partnership with Riot Games. The applications were opened for North American regions where players could apply for various roles in the roster. Finally, the trials are over, and Sentinels has announced all the five players that will be a part of the Wild Rift team along with their head coach. 

Sentinels announce their Wild Rift roster
Sentinels reveal Wild Rift roster and head coach. (Picture: Sentinels)

Here are all the six members of Sentinels' Wild Rift roster, along with their roles in the team:

  • Top lane: Matt “MTS” Stover
  • Jungle: Kevin “Sheesh” Chavez
  • Mid lane: Michael Udall
  • ADC: Tanner “Rest” Scadden
  • Support: Jacob “Beginnings” Chavez
  • Head Coach: William “ThePierceJ” Ware

While Michael Udall has been a champion Heroes of the Storm player, the rest of the players were former Arena of Valor players before they decided to jump into Wild Rift.

Matt "MTS" Stover explains: "Sentinels was always an organization I had been looking at in NA, especially with all their recent accomplishments. So I'm excited to now be a part of them. Can’t wait to finally compete in NA again with a fresh start and win some trophies."

In the announcement, Michael Udall shares his excitement about joining Sentinels: "It feels amazing to join Sentinels. I watched Bugha win (the Fortnite World Cup) live and was solidified as a Sentinels fan after the Valorant World Championship. Sentinels know how to build and support winning teams.

"I hope to help bring home first a North American Championship and then work on a world championship."

After Valorant, Fortnite, Apex Legends and Halo, Wild Rift is the fifth title Sentinels will be entering. Fans will be able to see the squad in action in the first major of the Summoners Series in North America with the goal to win the NA Championship in October featuring a prize pool of $70,000.

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