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Voice chat feature will return in Wild Rift patch 3.0

Riot is going to enable voice chat in Wild Rift patch 3.0 for another round of testing.
Voice chat feature will return in Wild Rift patch 3.0

League of Legends: Wild Rift patch 3.0 will be releasing on 19th January featuring new champions, events, outfits, accessories and more, along with a bunch of champions nerfs and buffs. 

In addition to this, Riot has another gift for Wild Rift players, i.e. they will be bringing back the voice chat feature for testing in patch 3.0. In the beginning, it will be available for the Americas, and then later on, it will be expanded to other regions. 

As per the announcement, Riot is planning to test voice chat for at least two weeks in the Americas to get feedback from the players.


The voice chat was first taken down immediately when the players' mics were getting activated automatically after Riot switched to a new plugin to power up this feature in Wild Rift patch 2.4.


Riot planned to include it in patch 2.6 once again; however they discovered another bug affecting players having Android 12. The mics of some players were shown active even though they weren't, which stopped them from reactivating voice chat. 

Voice Chat is coming back to Wild Rift 3.0
Sett and Yuumi will be the next two champions coming to League of Legends: Wild Rift patch 3.0. (Picture: Riot Games)

In addition to this, there were quality issues that needed to be sorted by the developers before making it a permanent feature. 

In addition to this, Sett and Yuumi will also be making their debut in the League of Legends: Wild Rift patch 3.0 will be available to download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. They will arrive with their own set of outfits that will be available to grab from the in-game store. 

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Featured image via Riot Games