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Wild Rift Olaf build guide: Best runes, spells, items, tips and tricks, more

Dominating with viking power comes the unstoppable Berserker. Learn about his skills, his best compositions, and more, in this Wild Rift champion guide.
Wild Rift Olaf build guide: Best runes, spells, items, tips and tricks, more

As League of Legends: Wild Rift launches in ever more regions and with plenty of hands-on time already with the game's Legends and mechanics, we thought it no better time to start putting together build guides to give you a good idea of what you should be doing when you head into Summoner's Rift for the first time in Riot's new mobile MOBA.

So this time, we bring you the guide of a champion well known for his game in the jungle, an unstoppable beast with Viking blood that destroys everything in his path: Olaf, the Berserker.

Olaf: His active and passive skills

Wild Rift Olaf build guide, best build for Olaf in wild rift(Picture: Riot Games)

His passive ability, Berserker Rage, increases attack speed by 1% for every 1% of his missing health, making him a dangerous target as the fight progresses.

Let's move on to his active skills:

  • Undertow: Throws an axe towards a point, dealing damage and slowing the movement speed of enemies it passes through. Picking up the axe reduces this ability's cooldown.
  • Vicious Strikes: Increases attack speed, grants physical vampirism, and improves heals based on missing health.
  • Reckless Swing: Olaf moves and attacks enemies in front with true damage, though he will take damage back if enemies are not killed.
  • Ultimate - Ragnarok: Grants temporary immunity to crowd control effects.

Recommended Runes and Spells for Olaf

Being an unstoppable force of mass destruction, Olaf is characterized by his massive power with his suppression abilities and increased damage, which give him an advantage from the early stages of the game. These are his most recommended runes:

  • Conqueror: Increases damage as the fight progresses, a rune according to Olaf's abilities.
  • Hunter - Vampirism: Grants bonus attack damage and physical vampirism that scales with takedowns.
  • Hunter - Titan: Grants bonus health and tenacity that increase with takedowns.
  • Mastermind: Deals bonus damage to epic monsters and turrets, making him blazingly fast to take out targets.

best builds for olaf wild rift
(Picture: Riot Games)

Being primarily a jungle, his options are more than known when choosing his spells:

  • Flash: While there are other spells that can take its place, Flash gives you versatility both offensively and defensively.
  • Smite: The Jungler's default spell. We recommend using its blue variation for a strong start and midgame.

The best items for Olaf

best items for Olaf
(Picture: Riot Games)

As a jungle, his priority is controlling objectives for this reason his composition will focus on offence, tenacity and survival:

  • Black Cleaver: Grants health, attack damage and a lot of cooldown reduction, plus its passive reduces the armour of his targets.
  • Gluttonous Greaves: Grants you omnivampirism, which will be beneficial when using Vicious Strikes. We recommend wearing them with Glorious Enchantment for his aggressive combat style.
  • Sterak's Gauntlet: Increases Olaf's base damage by 50% and grants him a shield for when his health drops too low.
  • Guardian Angel: The root of all the frustration when facing Olaf, as well as making him more useful in the late game, as he will be able to absorb more enemy abilities without the risk of dying early.

In addition to these, we recommend using Death’s Dance and Trinity Force, making him almost impossible to stop, along with Dead Man's Plate, Spirit Visage, or Thornmail, depending on the game situation.

Tips for Olaf’s play style

wild rift olaf build guide
(Picture: Riot Games)

Olaf is one of the most popular champions for every player and in the competitive scene, thanks to his abilities that allow him to enter the battle, ignoring any type of control, being able to survive clashes with multiple champions at the same time.

For tough situations, keep his Vicious Strikes skill in storage, as it can get you out of trouble and turn any fight around. However, don’t rely too much on this to be in front of an enemy with a higher level, since you could fall into their hands.

Undertow allows you to clear waves of minions at a higher speed, as well as being very useful to catch an enemy that tries to escape, thanks to its slowdown, or avoid unwanted collisions by slowing down enemies that are chasing you or want to ambush you.

how to play olaf in wild rift
(Picture: Riot Games)

While Reckless Swing is usually not quite effective in the early levels, once you start to scale your item composition it will be one of your best tools, allowing you to unbalance the enemy, as well as dealing real damage, which will be beneficial when facing tanks.

Finally, Ragnarok will be your lifeblood for team battles in the mid and late game, allowing you to pounce directly against the carrier or some common objective, to facilitate the battle, obtain objectives, push lanes and get the victory. Just try not to get too far from your team, or you may be an easy target.

In this way, Olaf has become one of the key pieces of the jungle since its launch in 2010, being a true war machine at the right moment, having great potential to carry the game and destroy the entire enemy team by himself.