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Wild Rift 2.4 patch notes: New champions, items, champion ban, balance changes and more

League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 2.4 is just around the corner, and devs have just revealed all the big details about the update. Let's check out what we know.
Wild Rift 2.4 patch notes: New champions, items, champion ban, balance changes and more

Wild Rift Patch 2.4 is about to get released and we now know almost all the important details about the update, thanks to the latest Dev Diary video.

This huge update brings several new heroes to the game, finally adds a ban system to Wild Rift, introduced significant changes to the spectator mode to allows for esports events to have better broadcasting qualify, and much more.

Without further ado, let's check out what are the most important new things coming to Wild Rift with patch 2.4. 

Wild Rift 2.4 patch new champions

Akshan, the Rogue Sentinel

Wild Rift 2.4 patch new champions Akshan, the Rogue Sentinel
(Picture: Riot Games)

Akshan is the latest champion to be added to the game. He boasts a marksman-assassin playstyle, perfect for mid lane, with stealth when he's close to terrain and a grappling hook he can use to catch up with his targets. He can also avenge his allies by killing their killer, which earns him bonus gold and lowers the killed ally's respawn timer.

Brand, the Burning Vengeance

wild rift 2.4 patch Brand, the Burning Vengeance
(Picture: Riot Games)

Brand is another champion to join the Wild Rift with 2.4. He is a fire mage who can be both mid lane or a support champion. He has a set of abilities that gain new powers while his opponents are set on fire, and his ultimate is called Pyroclasam, a devastating torrent of fire "that can reduce your enemies to ashes."

Nunu & Willump

wild rift patch 2.5 Nunu & Willump
(Picture: Riot Games)

The chilling duo of Nunu & Willump is joining Wild Rift as well. This jungler duo is going to start rolling snowballs in September when lands on your smartphones.

Wild Rift 2.4 New items

Solari Chargeblade

For players who like to focus their builds around critical strikes, this is a perfect item. Whenever you use an ability, you will get a stack of Radiance, giving you a temporarily bonus to your critical strike.  

Crystalline Reflector

It reduces incoming physical damage and reflects it back at enemies.

Essence Reaver

It restores mana through attacks and adds additional damage to your abilities.

Wild Rift 2.4 ranked changes

Wild Rift 2.4 ban system patch notes
(Picture: Riot Games)
  • The promotion series will be removed 
  • Ranked games will now have 3 bans per team
  • Players will need to own six extra champions to play Ranked
  • Free-to-play rotation of champions added

These are just some of the most prominent changes coming with Wild Rift 2.4, but there's more, including a new Wild Pass, changes to spectator mode to allow esports organizers to create a more compelling viewing experience, various balance changes, quality of life changes, and much more.

Check out the latest "dev diary" video below to find out more details about