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Wild Rift Crystal Rose event: Schedule, quests, rewards, and more

The latest event to hit Wild Rift is Crystal Rose. Here is everything you need to know about WR's most love-filled event.
Wild Rift Crystal Rose event: Schedule, quests, rewards, and more

The Crystal Rose event is the biggest social occasion in League of Legends: Wild Rift. An opportunity to get dressed to the nines and possibly catch the eye of a potential suitor.

Starting alongside the release of the Crystal Rose skin lines, which include skins for Ezxreal, Jarvan IV, Lux, and Sona. The Crystal Rose event will involve completing daily challenges which net you XP. That XP can then be turned in for milestone rewards that include Blue Motes, Poro Coins, and ultimately a Pose Selection chest.

Here is everything you need to know about this most elegant event.

Crystal Rose event Wild Rift start time
The Crystal Rose event is a time to get dressed up and look your best. (Picture: Riot Games)

When does the Crystal Rose event begin and end?

Well, in terms of beginning the event has already kicked off, having begun at 12 am UTC on the 15th December.

The event will run for 10 days, finishing on 24th December at 11.59 pm UTC.

Daily missions 

The Crystal Rose event is all about turning up and looking your best, with a series of repeated daily missions that net you XP, with the XP you earn you can then turn it in for milestone rewards.

The following daily missions are active as of today:

Misson Daily objective Reward

Time to Play

Play a game
(Repeatable 3x daily)

1 XP each

Dress Your Best

Play a game as, with, or against a Crystal Rose skin

Eligible skins: 

  • Crystal Rose Ezreal
  • Crystal Rose Jarvan IV
  • Crystal Rose Lux
  • Crystal Rose Sona

1 XP

Take note, you can not play extra games on a particular day to make up missing a day. Once the day is over the potential XP you can gain is over too!

Milestone rewards

Rewards run the gamut from an exclusive Crystal Rose icon to an equally exclusive Crystal Rose Pose Selection chest.

Milestone XP required Reward



Crystal Rose Icon



3 Blue Mote Boosts



100 Blue Motes



20 Poro Coins



Crystal Rose Pose Selection Chest
Contains 1 of the following:

  • Crystal Rose Ezreal Pose
  • Crystal Rose Jarvan IV Pose
  • Crystal Rose Lux Pose
  • Crystal Rose Sona Pose
  • Ezreal Pose
  • Jarvan IV Pose
  • Lux Pose
  • Sona Pose


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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.