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Wild Rift Diana guide: Best runes, items, spells, tips and tricks, more

Wielding her crescent moonblade, Diana fights as a warrior of the Lunari, a powerful faith that reigns in the lands around Mount Targon.
Wild Rift Diana guide: Best runes, items, spells, tips and tricks, more

The new 2.1b update has arrived to League of Legends: Wild Rift, and with this, Riot has announced new changes including balance changes to some champions, items, and most importantly, new additions to the roster.

This time, new champions from Mount Targon have arrived at Wild Rift, seeking to impose their ideals against all those who dare to block their way to divinity.

The first of these, known for her deadly attacks and high-impact combos, is a champion with a lot of flexibility and reach, as well as being one of the best units to push the lanes into the Rift: Diana, the Scorn of the Moon.

Diana's active and passive abilities

Diana Wild Rift
(Picture: Riot Games)

Her passive ability, Moonsilver Blade, allows every third hit to slash nearby enemies and deal bonus magic damage. Additionally, after casting a spell, Diana will gain bonus attack speed on her next three basic attacks.

Let's move on to her active skills:

  • Crescent Strike: When activated, it unleashes a bolt of lunar energy in an arc that deals magic damage. Enemies hit will be afflicted with Moonlight and reveal their position for three seconds if they are not stealth.
  • Pale Cascade: Creates three spheres that orbit and explode on contact with enemies, dealing area damage and granting a temporary damage-absorbing shield. If the third sphere explodes, the shield gains additional strength.
  • Lunar Rush: Diana will dash towards an enemy and deal magic damage to them. If this is used to move towards an enemy marked with Moonlight, its cooldown will reset.
  • Ultimate - Moonfall: Reveals, pulls and slows down all nearby enemies. If it draws in one or more enemy champions, it will cause a burst of moonlight after a brief moment, dealing magic damage around it. The blast damage will increase for each additional target drawn.

Best Runes and Spells for Diona

Diana is a very versatile champion, as her hybrid damage allows her to use her abilities to penetrate the enemy's defences no matter what advantage they have, in addition to her swift impacts making the enemy unable to respond adequately to your sieges.

  • Electrocute: Triggers on successful skill combos and trades, dealing bonus damage to affected enemies and increasing her burst damage.
  • Triumph: Champion takedowns restore 10% of missing health. Allows you to deal an additional 3% damage to enemies below 35% health.
  • Regeneration: Regenerates life or mana, depending on which of these is currently lower.
  • Hunter - Genius: Grants additional ability haste for each unique takedown.

Diana best runes
(Picture: Riot Games)

Diana is mostly played on the mid lane, with her summoner spells being very well-known for everyone:

  • Flash: Allows you to have more offensive options to enter combat, in addition to serving as an escape tool.
  • Ignite: Use it as a tool to finish off enemies in case they want to escape with low health, as well as open a window of opportunity against enemies with lifesteal or healing abilities.

Best Items for Diana

best items for Diana
(Picture: Riot Games)

Diana's items will be focused on maximizing her AP, which will increase the impact of both her basic attacks for lane push in mid and late game, as well as the siege damage you can inflict when using her full combo perfectly.

  • Nashor’s Tooth: Grants bonus attack speed, magic damage, ability power, and ability haste.
  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity: Increases the ability haste of abilities and summoner spells. It’s recommended to wear them with Stasis Enchant to counter enemy burst damage.
  • Infinity Orb: Grants movement speed, magic penetration, and bonus damage against low-health targets.
  • Rabadon's Deathcap: Dramatically increases ability power by 40%.
  • Void Staff: Grants a tremendous amount of magic penetration.

To complete your comp, you can get a Morellonomicon, to increase your magic penetration and inflict Grievous Wounds, or a Liandry's Torment in case you have to face a tanky enemy team.

Tips for Diana’s playstyle

Diana tips and tricks
(Picture: Riot Games)

Launched in mid-2012, and having undergone a small rework in 2019, the Scorn of the Moon has been a champion that has gone through many stages within the metagame, going from being relegated to low tiers, to being one of the best choices, and sometimes the most banned in ranked queues.

Diana's gameplay can be defined on four main points. First, try to sharpen your aim with her Crescent Strike, as well as learn to charge the passive of her Moonsilver Blade. This will allow you to open the door to Diana's sieges with the second point.

Using her Lunar Rush at the right time on an enemy with Moonlight is essential, as this will give you a window of opportunity to escape from enemies or finish them off if they are low on health. In case you manage to enter against several enemies or you can easily delete anyone, focus on the third point.

Diana tips and tricks
(Picture: Riot Games)

Level up and activate the Pale Cascade as soon as you hit any opponent, to deal a large amount of damage and let the Electrocute take effect. If this is not enough, feel free to use your Moonfall to exterminate anyone and give them less chance of escape.

With all of the above, we come to the last point: Have no mercy. As Diana is a champion who relies on her siege skills completely, her chance of dying in a confrontation will always be latent, so feel free to go all out against the enemy to eliminate or force them to retreat, before they eliminate you.

Using and visualizing her skills will be essential, which can cost at first due to the visual aspect of them or some misclick, however learning to be opportunistic and enter at the right time to have the maximum potential of Diana in any team fight, will give you many advantages that will allow you to get ahead in the game and face anyone without hesitation.