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Wild Rift Katarina's Challenge: Schedule, rewards, missions, more

The Sinister Blade has entered Wild Rift and players can get their hands on Katarina for free by completing her Challenge - here is everything you to know.
Wild Rift Katarina's Challenge: Schedule, rewards, missions, more

Wild Rift's latest v2.1a update felt like a long time coming for fans of the mobile MOBA as the patch schedule as the developers missed their two-week patch cycle.

All good things come to those that wait though, and we now have the update, bringing with it Noxian assassin, Katarina, as well as balance updates for Lulu, Olaf, Ashe and many more.

Katarina Challenges
(Picture: Riot Games)

Katarina wasn't available as soon as the patch was released but now she is, available in the in-game store as well as unlockable through Katarina's Challenge - the game's newest event.

Players can also earn Blue Motes, Poro Coins, and XP boosts by completing challenges, so even if you don't grind all the way to your free champion there are plenty of reasons to get involved.

Here is everything you need to know.

When does Katarina's Challenge start and end?

Katarina's Challenge stars on the 4th March, and runs until the 10th March, ending at 23:59 GMT.

Mission and rewards

These challenges, like their namesake, are all about being aggressive - they don't call her Sinister Blade for nothing and you will need to prove that you can live up to such a mantle by getting takedowns, doing damage and repping Noxus.

Double Take Get 40 takedowns
Get 5 double kills
150 Blue Motes
A Cut Above The Rest Play 5 games
Play 2 games using assassin champions
2 XP Boosts
For The Empire Play 5 games
Win 2 games with at least one Noxian champion on your team
150 Blue Motes
The Blade Is Mightier Deal 30,000 magic damage 150 Blue Motes
Blink and Dive Kill 1,000 Minions with your team
Inflict grievous wounds on enemy champions 20 times
50 Poro Coins
Never Hesitate Get 50 takedowns
Play 2 games using mage champions
150 Blue Motes
It Takes Two Play 5 games
Win 1 game where Garen is on the enemy team
Katarina (champion)


Once you add the Noxian assassin to your roster you may want to check out our Katarina guide to get the most out of her and serrated daggers.