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Wild Rift Kick-Off and Rift-to-Rift: How to sync your Riot Account to get rewards

Start your adventure inside Wild Rift with free rewards for all players.
Wild Rift Kick-Off and Rift-to-Rift: How to sync your Riot Account to get rewards

League of Legends: Wild Rift is now available throughout the Americas region, bringing a new experience for millions of player players, who will come from Summoner's Rift to try the new mobile title.

For this, Riot has prepared several events as part of welcoming players to Wild Rift, by syncing your Riot Games account within the game.

To synchronize your Riot account, once you enter and downloaded the assets of the game, you must click on the Riot Games fist button, which will take you to a login interface similar to that of the game client on PC.

Wild Rift Kick Off Rift Off
(Picture: Riot Games)

Once you do this, you will be shown a region confirmation window, showing an explanation of the American server infrastructure. Now click on "Next" and confirm your server, and then go to the in-game tutorial.

Your summoner name will be synced with your main League of Legends account, so you won't have a problem using it as soon as you enter to Wild Rift.

Wild Rift Rift off(Picture: Riot Games)

Kick-Off Rewards

Once you finish all the preparations, you will have access to your first games against AI, where you can get your first five champions: Garen, Master Yi, Ahri, Jinx, and Blitzcrank.

In addition to these, you will have the Wild Rift Academy missions enabled, where you can get some rewards such as Blue Motes, champions and even one of the following skins:

Kick off wild rift rewards
(Picture: Riot Games)

Also, each time you level up, you will be able to receive more champions and extra content within your profile.

Rift-to-Rift Rewards

Finally, and like the icing on the cake, a set of missions for all veteran players of the PC version of League of Legends will be available shortly.

Through these, and after each game you play, players will have the opportunity to receive random and selection champion chests, skins, icons, and more.

Rift-to-rift rewards
(Picture: Riot Games)

The rewards available will depend on how much time you have invested within League of Legends.


League of Legends: Wild Rift is available now through Android and iOS devices.