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Wild Rift prepares to welcome the Yordle Expedition Event

When will they learn? Never mess with Yordles. Wild Rift is preparing to introduce one of League of Legends’ most iconic races - the aforementioned Yordles! Here’s what the event entails, and who’s joined the champion roster.
Wild Rift prepares to welcome the Yordle Expedition Event

Yordles will finally be making their way on to (Willd) Rifts around the glove in Riot’s latest update. The short, adorable but alarmingly dangerous critters are being joined from the 9th of January by the Yordle Expedition event.

Kennen, Teemo, Tristana, Lulu, and Corki are all now part of League of Legends: Wild Rift, and are being accompanied by a host of goodies, tasks and challenges as part and parcel of the Yordle Expedition Event.

All five are major staples of the PC version of the game, and many fans will be happy to see them added to the mobile game’s roster. 

But as for the Yordle Expedition, here’s what the event actually entails:

Daily Tasks

Players will receive 3 new daily tasks every day at 00:00 UTC, each with a reward of 20 Steps (more on those later) and 90 Blue Motes per task. Tasks are fairly easy to complete - get x amount of kills, use your ultimate x times etc - so they shouldn’t be too arduous to complete.

Take care though, uncompleted tasks don’t carry over to the next day and will be replaced by the next day's tasks, so make sure you have them done in time!

Tales of runeterra(Picture: Riot Games)

Region Tasks

The step-up from Daily Tasks, are Region Tasks. These tasks take time, effort and dedication to complete, and involve either completing impressive in-game feats (Kill 7 dragons, for example), or winning with a number of games with a region’s respective champion(s) on your team. I.e., for the Demacia Region Task, winning games with Garen or Lux on your team will count towards the task completion.

Unlike Daily Tasks, Region tasks remain active until they are completed and can be worked on over a number of days. However, you can only have one Region Task active at a time. Once you’ve completed a Region Task, you’ll be given another one the following day… assuming your server has already progressed to the next region, that is.

All Region Tasks reward 100 Steps and 25 Poro Coins.

Step Rewards

Now for what those intriguing, event-specific “step” rewards will earn you. For every x amount of steps you earn, you’ll earn the next reward, so here’s the list of what you can get yourself:

Steps Rewards

  • 400 Steps: Emote

Yordle expedition event

  • 700 Steps: 600 Blue Motes
  • 1000 Steps: 25 Poro Coins
  • 1300 Steps: Bauble

Yordle rewards

  • 1600 Steps: Yordle Expedition Champion Selection Chest
  • 1850 Steps: Yordle Expedition Pose Selection Chest
  • 2000 Steps: Icon Border

Yordle expedition wild rift rewards

See you on the Wild Rift! Just… watch out for those Yordles, eh?