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Wild Rift Xayah guide: Best runes, items, spells, more

Deadly and precise, Xayah is a revolutionary vastaya waging a personal war to save her people. Learn all about her in this champion guide.
Wild Rift Xayah guide: Best runes, items, spells, more

The new League of Legends: Wild Rift update 2.1 has arrived, and with this, Riot has announced new changes to its gameplay, a new Lunar New Year-themed event, and most importantly, new champions that will be making their debut.

This time, straight from the lands of Ionia, comes a rebellious couple, known for their great cunning, versatility, and of course, their lethality and precision: the duo Vastaya, Xayah and Rakan.

To begin, we will talk about Xayah, the Rebel. This champion has been one of the most recently released in League of Legends, and since her release in the main game, she has been one of the most dominant, thanks to her high-impact attacks that can eliminate any enemy in a few seconds.

Xayah's active and passive abilities

Wild rift xayah guide
(Picture: Riot Games)

Her passive ability, Clean Cuts, allows Xayah's next few basic attacks to hit all enemies in their path after using an ability, and each hit will drop a Feather.

Let's move on to her active skills:

  • Double Daggers: Throws two daggers that deal damage and also drop Feathers.
  • Deadly Plumage: Xayah creates a storm of blades that increase her attack speed and base damage, as well as granting movement speed if she attacks an enemy champion.
  • Bladecaller: When activated, Xayah will draw all Feathers she dropped, dealing damage and immobilizing enemies.
  • Ultimate - Featherstorm: Xayah will soar, rendering her impossible to attack and reach, and she will throw a storm of daggers, releasing Feathers that she can draw.

Runes and spells recommended for Xayah

If there is something that stands out with Xayah, it is the great explosive power that she can have with very few resources. However, without her Ultimate on hand, her mobility can be diminished, requiring some defensive tools to survive. These are her recommended runes:

  • Conqueror: Grants a cumulative damage bonus when dealing damage to enemy champions.
  • Gathering Storm: Increases attack damage and ability power as the game progresses.
  • Loyalty: You and your closest ally gain 2 armour and 5 bonus magic resistance.
  • Manaflow Band: Increases your maximum mana by dealing damage to enemy champions.

Xayah Wild Rift best runes
(Picture:  站长解说Games)

Being played mostly in the Dragon lane, her summoner spells are a standard:

  • Flash: As a poorly mobile champion out of combat, Flash serves as an escape tool when facing ambushes or ranged champions with tons of damage.
  • Heal: A great emergency tool, both for its health recovery and the movement speed it grants.

Best Items for Xayah

Xayah best items wild rift
(Picture: Riot Games)

Being a champion with offensive abilities, her objects will be focused on increasing these stats, giving her greater power in her critical damage, her attack range, and increasing her chances of survival with a big arsenal of defensive passives.

  • Infinity Edge: Increases the chance and damage of critical attacks, dramatically increasing DPS.
  • Gluttonous Greaves: Grants omnivampirism, giving you a better chance of survival thanks to its lifesteal. We recommend using them with Mercury Enchant for crowd control.
  • Rapid Firecannon: Dramatically increases basic attack range and critical strike chance.
  • Phantom Dancer: Its passive grants a shield when the amount of life falls below 35%.

To finish, you can complement her composition with Death’s Dance to increase physical vampirism and receive delayed damage, with Guardian Angel for greater physical damage and for its resurrection passive, or with Mortal Reminder to have more armour penetration.

Tips for Xayah’s playstyle

how to play XAYAH wild rift
(Picture: Riot Games)

Let's start with the most important, there are two factors that stand out in Xayah unlike other marksman: Her Feathers and her synergy with Rakan.

Her Feathers can prove to be staggering in any fight, as if an enemy is in her range when using her Bladecaller, immobilizing them can open large windows of opportunity for more successful ambushes and sieges.

Therefore, it is important you pay attention to these, to know when is the right time to use them to your advantage. In addition, when you have an enemy at your mercy use your Deadly Plumage, so you can inflict more damage and give your enemy less chances of escape, due to its movement speed bonus.

Xayah tips and tricks best spells
(Picture: Riot Games)

Your Double Daggers can be used for a surprise attack, since although they look very simple, at advanced stages of the match they can finish enemies instantly from a safe range, in addition they work as an emergency tool to steal camps from the jungle, or even dragons and the Baron Nashor.

Finally, let's talk about Rakan. It is no secret that the two are a very close couple, so when having Rakan as your support in the Dragon lane, both will have increased effects on their abilities during the game.

In Xayah's case, using Deadly Plumage will allow Rakan to cast extra Feathers at enemies, which can be used with her Bladecaller. In addition, on the back to base Xayah can return with Rakan and vice versa, saving time to come back to battle sooner.

It goes without saying that Xayah is one of the most powerful and selected champions within the Rift, however using her to her full potential can be difficult, so it is good to experiment with her, as well as test her synergy with Rakan, and other supports.